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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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An Asian American business man is flying high above a city seen below the clouds in a photo of success and super powers.
Businessman-Soaring-Above-The-Clouds   ID#   2146

A businessman wears a blindfold while feeling the tail of an elephant to illustrate a narrow vision and point of view,
A-Blind-Man-and-an-Elephant-A-Funny-Picture-   ID#   2144

Three pairs of hands reach across each other in handshakes in an office setting showing teamwork and cooperation. Picture of many hands shaking.
Multiple-Hands-Shaking-In-An-Office-Demonstrating-Agreement-Sealing-the-deal-and-Teamwork   ID#   2141

A business man stands alone on a desolate plain with a large cloud hanging over his head in this concept stock photo.
Lone-Businessman-Under-A-Cloud   ID#   2137

An Asian American Businessman stands on an Escher-like stairway (Penrose Stairs) that only leads back to where he started in a picture of getting nowhere fast.
The-Escher-Stairway-(Penrose-Stairs)-To-Nowhere   ID#   2136

Hands clasping and forming endless chains of connection representing social media and networking.
Social-Networking-Hands-Reaching-Out-Clasping-and-Shaking-In-Connection   ID#   2133

A cyclist strains as he attempts to ride a bicycle with square tires in a business, concept and lifestyle stock photo. Funny picture of a cyclist riding a bike with square tires. He has on a red shirt and dark shorts. He is wearing a safety helmet.
Cyclist-With-Square-Tires-on-his-Bike-Work-Smarter-Not-Harder   ID#   2132

An Asian American business woman bends over backwards to deliver her job In this stock photo representing giving 100%. She is dressed in a business suit and the image is on a white background.
Woman-Bending-Over-Backwards-   ID#   2125

An Asian business woman does the splits while handing folders in two directions in this business concept stock photo
Business-Woman-Stretching-To-The-Limit   ID#   2124

Streaks of light flow around an Asian womans face as she wears an expression of calmness and serenity in her meditation
Abstract-Light-Streaks-Flow-Past-A-Meditating-Asian-Woman's-Face   ID#   2123

An Asian woman is seen in a serene state of meditation as her third eye radiates light rays in this new age stock photo. Streaks of light representing an aura on a black background.
An-Asian-Woman's-Third-Eye-Radiates-During-Spiritual-Meditation   ID#   2122

A small social gathering with people of various races holding glasses of wine and talking and luaghing at a party. Four people or two happy couples.
A-Social-Gathering-Including-People-Of-Ethnic-Diversity-   ID#   2117

An African American man and his Asian American woman partner share the newspaper and breakfast in their kitchen. They are sitting at the counter and she is sitting on his lap. She has the newspaper in her hands. Glass of orange juice on the counter.
Couple-Having-Breakfast-In-Thier-Kitchen-Romantic-Picture   ID#   2116

In the early morning, in the kitchen, A woman uses a laptop to check the internet while her partner reads the newspaper. The woman is using the laptop on the kitchen counter. A glass of orange juice sits nearby. The man is wearing a white t-shirt.
Couple-Reading-The-Paper-And-Checking-The-Internet-In-The-Morning   ID#   2115

A man is hanging from the end of his rope, and the end is on fire!  Dosen't get much worse than this! Photo of a man at the end of his rope.
Man-At-The-End-Of-His-Burning-Rope   ID#   2055

Dust cloud with arms, fists and legs sticking out as executives engage in a cartoon like fight. Businessmen fighting pics. The men who are fighting are in front of a stainless steel wall of elevators.
Businessmen-Fighting-Negotiations-Gone-Bad   ID#   2052

An Asian man wears the instruments of a one man band. The man has a drum, cymbals, an accordion, a harmonica, and more. Image has a plain white background.
One-Man-Band   ID#   2037

An Asian American man plays the part of a one man band representing the difficulty of running one's own business
One-Man-Band   ID#   2036

Picture of a business man of Asian ethnicity taking a big step out of his office and into vacation on a tropical beach. Vacation advertising picture for people on the go. Picture of man taking action.
The-Big-Step-Office-enviornment-to-sandy-beach-in-one-easy-step-   ID#   2023

A businessman of Asian descent soars free high above the urban environment experiencing the joy of success. Great picture for advertising for small or big business. Picture of man flying through the sky.
Flying-Businessman-Flying-High-Above-The-Clouds-Like-Superman   ID#   2010

A man climbs up a ladder that disappears off into the sky. The man is reaching up to the next rung with his right hand while holding a lower rung with the other hand.
Man-Climbing-the-Ladder-Of-Success   ID#   1983

Four executives, three women and one man, sit casually on the conference room table
Executives-Sitting-On-A-Conference-Table   ID#   1973

Two business woman are eating healthy salads in a business environment. The women are looking at each other and chatting about work or something else.
Two-Women-Eating-Healthy-Food-At-The-Office   ID#   1972

An Asian American Woman is eating Sushi with Chopsticks from a take-out container in her office. She is holding a piece of sushi with her chop sticks bringing up to her mouth.
Business-Woman-Eating-Japanese-Sushi-Takeout   ID#   1971

An African American Woman and a Chinese American man are seated together on a commuter train.The man and woman are smiling and happy chatting on their way to work.
Ethnic-Couple-Seated-On-The-Train   ID#   1965

A Chinese American Businessman sits in a commuter train and watches the scenery fly by as he travels to work in comfort. The man is wearing a business suit and leaning his arm on the window.
Businessman-Commuting-To-Work-on-a-Train   ID#   1963

Two business people of ethnic descent sit on a commuter train and work on thier laptops. A man and a woman are both working on their laptops while riding the subway.
People-Working-On-Their-Commute-on-the-Train   ID#   1962

A Chinese American business man checks his watch while holding a briefcase and with a subway train speeding behind him
An-Ethnic-Business-Man-Checks-His-Watch-In-The-Subway   ID#   1961

A business man stands with his briefcase in the subway as a train speeds by in the backgrouond
Business-Man-In-The-Subway   ID#   1960

An African American woman and a Chinese American man seated on a Rapid Transit Car look happily towards the viewer. She is in a fur lined coat and he is in a smart looking suit.
Ethnic-Couple-On-Rapid-Transit-Train   ID#   1959

An Asian woman lays on a bed in a pose of restfull contemplation. There are pretty flowers on the nightstands on each side of the bed. Two small lamps adorn the wall behind her.
Woman-Laying-On-Motel-Room-Bed   ID#   1955

An Asian American woman sits on the side of the bed and removes her shoes while wearing a little black dress. The woman has blond streaks in her black hair.  There are flowers on the nightstand next to the bed.
Woman-Taking-Her-Shoes-Off-In-A-Motel-Room   ID#   1954

A man and a woman sit on the motel room bed and take thier shirts off in this lifestyle and concept stock image. She is taking off her pink blouse and has a red bra on. He is removing his blue shirt.
A-Couple-Sitting-On-The-Bed-Removing-Their-Clothing   ID#   1953

Lifestyle picture: A woman is sleeping while a man sits on the edge of the bed adjusting his tie. The man is getting dressed while his wife remains asleep. He has on a blue dress shirt.
Getting-Dressed-in-The-Morning   ID#   1952

Asian woman sleeping while her partner or husband watches her sleep.  The man's head is propped up on his hand and elbow. Tight crop of couples head and shoulders.
Woman-Sleeping-While-Her-Partner-Looks-On   ID#   1951

Picture of an Asian woman sitting on the edge of the bed in her pajamas and stretching before getting up in the morning. She is in a motel room. She has on a blue night gown.  There are flowers next to her bed.
Asian-Woman-Stretching-in-Bed-In-the-Morning   ID#   1950

Chakras including the crown Chakra and the root chakra as glows of light on an Asian woman's body.
Woman-Meditating-and-Using-Alternative-Holistic-Medicine-to-Heal-Her-Chakras   ID#   1925

Stock photo: a combination of different people and ethnic make-ups creating the modern composite man, the man of the future.
Portrait-Collage-of-six-different-people-Creating-an-Ethnic-Sterotype   ID#   1843

An angry lion looks down on the scared and frightened man sitting next to him in a waiting room, a photo about fear, competition and dominance. Man is Asian.
Lion-In-A-Waiting-Room-An-Angry-Lion-Sits-Next-to-a-Scared-Asian-Businessman   ID#   1257