john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Photo of a woman struggling with her balance on a tightrope while juggling oversized yellow balls, all at an extremely high altitude!
Struggling-Juggling-Woman   ID#   7763

A woman rides a unicycle across a tightrope while juggling red balls in this metaphorical image for multi-tasking.
Juggling-Woman-Riding-A-Unicycle-On-A-Tightrope   ID#   7756

An elephant balances on a rock and survey's the terrain in this unusual elephant image.
Elephant-Balancing-On-A-Rock   ID#   7743

Business people run and leap through the clouds in this photo about cloud computing, online connections and networking in a digital environment.
People-Leaping-Through-And-Over-Clouds   ID#   7702

An elephant jumps into a pool of water in a classic cannonball dive.
Elephant-Performing-A-Cannonball-Into-A-Lake   ID#   7693

Gymnastic rings are the apparatus that this businessman, wearing a business suit, executes before a huge crowd.
Gymnastic-Rings   ID#   7616

A young female gymnast performs a somersault or back flip on the balance beam in a gymnastic competition before a huge crowd.
Balance-Beam   ID#   7615

An elephant uses a slalom ski kicking up a high spray of water as he carves through still lake water in this funny elephant picture.
Funny-Water-skiing-Elephant   ID#   7613

A woman's arms are shown holding a young baby girl up in the air.  The baby has short brown hair and is wearing a blue and white dress with lace.  Bright sun behind the baby and the sky is clear and blue.
Baby-Being-Held-High-In-the-Air   ID#   7516

A mother is laying on her back in the grass and holding her new baby girl up in the air over her.  The happy baby is wearing a white and blue dress.  Blue sky in the background. Happy mom and baby pics.
New-Mom-Holding-Infant-Up-in-the-Air   ID#   7515

Young white girl in a two piece bathing suit doing acrobatic stunts on the grass. The girl is bent over backwards with her back towards the ground. Blue sky above.
Young-Girl-doing-Acrobatics-On-the-Grass-and-Having-Fun   ID#   7511

A young pre-teen girl wearing swim goggles is standing on the end of a diving board and she has her arms outstretched as she looks straight up above her at the camera.
Young-Girl-On-Diving-Board   ID#   7497

A young female child standing on the end of a diving board preparing to dive into a swimming pool. She has a colorful bathing suit on and she has her arms stretched out at her sides.
Little-Girl-On-A-Diving-Board   ID#   7491

A Japanese woman wearing purple pants qand a white tank top is standing on a rock overlooking the pacific ocean. The middle aged Japanese woman has her arms folded in front of her.
Japanese-Woman-Standing-On-a-Rock-Overlooking-the-Ocean   ID#   7467

An elephant stands on a long board and rides in a large wave off the coast of Maui in this funny elephant picture and concept stock photo.
A-Funny-Elephant-Surfing-Big-Waves   ID#   7457

A funny elephant joyfully manages to keep three hula hoops spinning at once in a demonstration of skill and athletic ability.
Funny-Hula-Hooping-Elephant   ID#   7438

Stock photo of a woman with sicssors trimming her minature bonsai tree. Woman only partially visible with the Bonsai plant centered in the photo.  White background.
Woman-Triming-or-Pruning-Bansai-Tree-or-Plant-In-Her-Office   ID#   7377

A woman rides a galloping elephant, bare-back, in this unusual picture illustrating freedom, skill and the impossible as her hair and dress flows behind her in the wind.
Woman-Riding-A-Galloping-Elephant   ID#   7371

Stock photo of a man doing a handstand  at sunset. The handstanding man has his legs spread apart up in the air with the sun shinning through between them.
Handstand-at-Sunset   ID#   7309

Picture of a young hispanic or asian woman with a book balanced on the top of her head. Behind her are bookshelves lined with books.  The beautiful young woman has long black hair and is wearing a purple sweater and eyeglasses.
Pretty-Young-Ethnic-Woman-Balancing-a-Book-On-Her-Head   ID#   7306

Stock image of a young asian woman balancing a clock on the top of her head. She has her hands up in the hair and a hopless expression on her face. The attracitve young woman has on a white jacket and a lavender blouse.
Woman-With-Clock-On-Her-Head   ID#   7305

An elephant strikes a Ballet pose on stage in this funny elephant picture and stock photo about agility, grace and the improbable.
Performing-Elephant-Dances-On-Stage   ID#   7293

Stock photo of a man standing on his hands at the beach.  The man is shirtless and wearing long pants with his toes pointed to the sky. The sun is setting over the ocean behind the man.
Handstand-On-the-Beach-At-Sunset   ID#   7235

Beach photo of a man doing a one armed balancing act with his body in a horizontal position. The sun is setting behind him. Bare chested man at the beach doing acrobatic stuff.
Strong-acrobatic-man-balancing-his-body-on-one-arm-   ID#   7234

Two elephants perform a flying trapeze act high in the sky in a funny and unique animal picture.
Funny-Elephant-Flying-Trapeze   ID#   7160

Picture of Two people reaching out to each other over a deep chasm illustrating team work and co-operation.
Team-Work-And-A-Helping-Hand   ID#   7113

Picture of a pyramid of business men and women standing on each other's shoulders illustrating the concept of teamwork and vision as it rises high above the clouds.
Teamwork-Shown-In-A-Pyramid-of-Business-People   ID#   7090

Picture of a senior man in business attire performing tricks on a skateboard the underside of which has a money graphic design.
Skateboarding-Senior-Businessman   ID#   6944

Pictures of funny people. This hispanic man is being silly at the office party. He has a piece of cake from the party on a paper plate balanced on the top of his head. Silly office pics.
Funny-Picture-of-a-Man-Balancing-A-Paper-Plate-With-Cake-On-His-Head-At-a-Party   ID#   6942

Picture of a man bending over backwards outdoors in the sunlight. The happy smiling Chinese man is wearing blue jeans and a navy blue sweat shirt. Man playing in the park.
Photo-of-a-Chinese-American-or-Asian-Man-Bending-Over-Backwards-In-the-Park   ID#   6926

Photo of an Asian businessman walking on a tightrope of streaming data in the form of a glowing flow of light. A picture of communications and connection.
Man-Walking-Internet-Tightrope-of-Streaming-Data   ID#   6900

Photo of a delicious ripe red apple on a white napikin on a silver serving tray being held by a white gloved butler's hand. The butler has a white towel draped over his arm. Pic of a butler bringing an apple. White background.
Picture-of-a-butler-serving-fruit-on-a-silver-serving-tray   ID#   6877

Stock photo of a butler's hand holding out a sliver serving tray with a martini and a martini shaker.  The butler has on a white glove and has a white towel draped over his arm. The martini has two olives in it. Ad pics of butlers serving drinks.
Picture-of-a-butler-holding-a-silver-tray-with-a-martini-and-shaker-with-white-gloves   ID#   6872

A butler is holding a sliver serving tray with stacks of money on the tray. The butler has on white gloves, a tuxedo, and has a white towel draped over his arm. Pic of butler with money.
Picture-of-a-butler-holding-a-silver-tray-loaded-with-bundles-of-money-and-stacks-of-bills   ID#   6869

Butler pictures. This pic of a butler standing holding with a sliver tray balanced on his finger tips and the other hand behind his back. The Butler has on white gloves and a tuxedo. He also has a white towel over his arm. Butler pics for ads.
Photo-of-a-butler-holding-an-empty-sliver-tray-with-his-fingertips   ID#   6866

Picture of a buttler with a silver serving tray with a couple of pills and a large glass of water. The butler's head is cropped out.  Picture from chin to mid thigh. Buttler with white gloves, tuxedo, and a white towel draped over his arm.
Pic-of-a-butler-holding-a-silver-tray-with-a-glass-of-water-and-two-pills   ID#   6862

Funny photo of a man and a woman having an arm wrestling match at a conference table at the office. Funny pictures of people at work. Office employees goofing off during working hours. Pics of an arm wrestling match.
Humorous-Picture-of-Man-and-Woman-Arm-Wrestling-At-Work   ID#   6838

Funny arm wrestling pictures. This stock photo is an image of a couple of office co-workers arm wrestling at a desk.  The male executive is arm wrestling with a female executive. Co-ed office workers in an arm wrestling contest.
Funny-office-pics-hispanic-businesswoman-and-businessman-arm-wrestling   ID#   6836

Picture of a man doing hand stands on the grass between large office buildings while on his break. Barefoot man doing a hand stand on the lawn in front of his office building. Pic of businessman doing a summersalt on the lawn.
Businessman-doing-a-handstand-in-the-grass-in-front-of-office-buildings   ID#   6825

Funny stock photo of trust building exercises at the office. This humorous foto of office workers forming a human pyramid during teamwork and trust building exercises.  People doing silly and funny things at the office and at work.
Office-Staff-Making-Human-Pyramid-Trust-Building-Teamwork-Photo-Funny-Picture?   ID#   6753