john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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The construrciton workers, all with their arms crossed in front of them are standing infront of a large commerical construction project.
Three-construction-workers-posing-outside-unfinished-building   ID#   6254

Stock photo for ads of two construction workers or carpenters carrying wooden beams into a building under construction. The workmen are wearing hard hats and the bulding is a two story building.  Large construction project pics.
Two-construction-workers-carrying-lumber-into-unfinished-building   ID#   6253

Picture of hard working construction worker carrying a heavy load. The average looking man has a couple of heavy wooden beams over his shoulder and is wearing a yellow hard hat.  Advertsing pictures of average looking men.
Construction-worker-carrying-lumber-on-construction-site   ID#   6252

Picture of a construction worker looking out of a second floor window of a large unfinished building under construction. Ad pictures for new construction and building supplies and services. Friendly builders pictures.
Construction-worker-looking-out-of-window-in-unfinished-building   ID#   6250

Constructon picture for advertising - Contractor in a second story window of an unfinished building under construction talking on his cell phone and wearing a yellow hard hat. Pic taken from far below the man. Blue sky background.
Construction-worker-talking-on-cell-phone-in-unfinished-building   ID#   6249

Picture of working couple holding hands. They are carpenters or construciton workers judging by the tool belts hung on their waists. Torso only no heads in shot.  Woman worker and male worker holding hands at the job site. Pics for ads.
Couple-holding-hands-and-wearing-tool-belts   ID#   6248

Stock photo of a construction worker in a yellow hard hat standing in a stair well with his laptop computer on the window sill. Pictures of contractors using laptops for advertising uses.
Male-construction-worker-using-laptop-inside-construction-site   ID#   6247

A construction worker hands a set up blue prints up to another workman who is leaning out of a window and reaching down to grab the prints.  Both workers are wearing yellow hard hats. The building has unfinished siding and is under construction.
Male-construction-workers-at-construction-site   ID#   6246

Picture of the framing on the inside of a buidling under construction. New construction interior shots showing naked framing. Photos of the inside of a house being built. No interior walls.
Interior-shot-showing-studs-2x4s-beams-rafters-etc   ID#   6245

Picture of a hard working black construction worker carrying a wooden beam on his shoulder. The man has a green shirt and white hard hat. Background is a building under construction. Men working ad pictures.
Male-construction-worker-smiling-at-construction-site   ID#   6243

Happy black male construction worker smiling and leaning against an unfinished doorway in a building under construction.  The man is wearing a green t shirt and a white hard hat.  Pictures of hard working black men.
Male-construction-worker-smiling-inside-construction-site   ID#   6242

Stock photo of a black male construction worker asleep on the job site. During his break this african american construction worker is resting his head on his white hard hat and laying on some rocky dirt next to the building he is helping to construct.
Male-construction-worker-sleeping-at-construction-site   ID#   6241

Construction workers on break. Three construction workers are taking a break from work. They are laying on their backs next to a building under construction.  The men are resting their heads on their hard hats.
Male-construction-workers-relaxing-at-construction-site   ID#   6240

Stock photo of an Asian contractor using his cell phone at the job site. He is smiling and surrounded by open framing. Two by fours, joists, beams, and headers are all exposed. Pictues of men working for ads.
Male-construction-worker-using-cell-phone-at-construction-site   ID#   6239

Picture of  a Foreman or Supervisor on the job site using his cell phone and holding blue prints in his hand. The foreman is standing amid naked framing without walls or ceiling. Advertising pictures of new construction and contractors at work.
Male-construction-worker-using-cell-phone-at-construction-site   ID#   6238

Picture of a man and a woman working on a floor in a new home under construction.  The man is marking the floor with a pencil. The man and woman are using a measuring tape.
Couple-in-tool-belts-measuring-floor   ID#   6197

Picture of a man hammering nails into the floor of a new home under construction. Older construction worker working on a new home being built.  Pounding nails pictures for ads.
Man-hammering-nails-into-floor-at-construction-site   ID#   6195

Happy middle-aged woman wearing a carpenters tool belt and smiling at the camera. The woman is standing in a room of a newly built home not quite finished.  The room has just been sheetrocked.  Picture of woman carpenter or construction worker.
Woman-wearing-tool-belt-and-smiling   ID#   6194

Picture of a happy middle-aged or senior couple smiling and standing in a freshly sheet rocked room in a new home under construction. Ad pics for contractors.
Pictures-for-advertising-Remodeling-Your-Home   ID#   6193

Husband and Wife Construction Team.  Picture of an older man with a toolbelt and a middle aged woman also with a toolbelt standing in a freshly sheetrocked room. Pictures for advertisiments. New home construction photos.
Couple-wearing-tool-belts-inside-construction-site   ID#   6192

Picture of a mudder.  Happy young man wearing a toolbelt, orange T-shirt , brown pants, and smiling.  Picture of new hung sheetrock in a new or remodeled home. Advertising picture for new homes and remodeling services.
Man-wearing-tool-belt-inside-construction-site   ID#   6191

Advertising stock photo of a group of construction workers and architects going over some building plans or blueprints.  A large commercial development project is visble behind the workers. One of the group is a woman.
Group-of-Construction-workers-boing-over-building-plans   ID#   6190

Construction workers and architects meeting over blue prints of a large apartment building or commercial development project. Group of constrcution people meeting and wearing hard hats. Picture of a comercial real estate development project.
Group-of-workers-with-hard-hats-and-blueprints-at-construction-site   ID#   6188

Construction workers in hard hats posing for a photo with a large apartment building or other commercial building being built in the background. Pictures of men working in large construction projects.  Sunny bright day with a beautiful blue sky.
3-male-construction-workers-at-construction-site   ID#   6187

Picture of a smiling young architect wearing a yellow hard hat and holding a clipboard and a set of blueprints.  Construction workers in hard hats in the background. Outdoor pictures of new construction projects.
Advertising-Photos-for-New-Construction   ID#   6186

The construction workers outside pointing at a house that is being built. New construction advertising images.  Three construction workers in hard hats and one is pointing at a construction project. Pictures of workmen.
Male-construction-workers-pointing-at-house-under-construction   ID#   6185

Mulit-ethnic men, an hispanic and an asian, are posing for the camera on the jobsite.  One is wearing an orange hard had and the other a yellow hard hat.  Advertising pictures for contracters, builders, remodlers and other uses.
Multi-ethnic-Construction-Workers-In-a-New-Construction-Project   ID#   6184

Picture of two males, one a superintendent and the other a carpenter. The super has a clipboard and is pointing. The carpenter is wearing a tool belt and is listening the supervisor. Stock pics for ads.
Male-Construction-Workers-In-Hard-Hats   ID#   6183

Portrait photo of a Mexican or Hispanic construction worker smiling at the camera. He is wearing a yellow hard hat and a red shirt. He is very handsome.  Hands on tool belt. Man standing in a new building under construction.  Ad pics for builders.
Portrait-of-a-Hispanic-Construction-Worker-with-Hard-Hat   ID#   6181

Picture of home builders. Photo of dudes in hard hats in a building under construction. The dudes, an architect and a construction worker are posing for the camera. Picture of two men wearing yellow hard hats at a job site for new construction.
Two-male-construction-workers-inside-construction-site   ID#   6179

Picture of a construction worker using his measuring tape in a new home under construction.  The worker has on a red shirt and blue jeans. Advertising pictures for new construction and home builders. Mexican worker pics.
Hispanic-or-Mexican-male-construction-worker-using-his-tape-measure   ID#   6177

A man and a woman in a new home under construction. Woman is Imagining what her future home will look like. Home's interior is unfinished with just the framing and exterior walls completed. Advertising photos for new contstruction ads.
Woman-Demonstrating-Her-Vision-Of-Her-New-Home-Under-Construction   ID#   6175

Pictures of a large construction job site. Three contractors or construction workers are standing outside in front of a large apartment bulding under construciton. Big construciton job pictures for advertisers and advertising.
Group-of-Contractors-on-Large-Construction-Job-Site   ID#   6173

Picture of a group of carpenters, construction workers, or contractors discussing blueprints for the building they are erecting. Three men with hardats examining building plans. One is wearing a carpenters tool belt.
Three-male-construction-workers-looking-at-blueprints   ID#   6172

Stock photo portrait of a hispanic or latino male construction worker in a yellow hard hat inside a house or office building during the framing stage. Construction photos for ads.
Hispanic-male-construction-worker-inside-construction-site   ID#   6170

Picture of a construction worker with his back to the camera and holding a set of blue prints. The worker has a yellow hard hat on his head and is wearing a red shirt. The man is standing in the middle of a bunch of framing for a new home.
Male-construction-worker-looking-at-blueprints-inside-construction-site   ID#   6169

Contractor holding a set of building plans and glancing toward the ceiling. The contractor is wearing a yellow hard hat and a red shirt. He is standing inside a building with bare exposed  framing of a new building.
Male-construction-worker-holding-blueprints-inside-construction-site   ID#   6167

Picture of a woman carpenter on a job site with framing visible behind her. She is wearing a carpenter's tool belt, T-shirt, and jeans.  She is leaning against the framing studs in the home being built.  Picture of happy female construction worker.
Female-construction-worker-inside-construction-site   ID#   6166

Picture of Asian American contractor outdoors going over blueprints for the building project. Male construction worker in a yellow hard hat outside at a job site.  Large construction project pictures for advertising.
Asian-male-construction-worker-in-front-of-construction-site   ID#   6165

Wearing a yellow hard hat an Asian construction worker is holding a set of blue prints. The man is in a building under construction. The Asian architect, or contractor, is similing at the camera. Asian American construction worker for advertising.
Asian-male-construction-worker-inside-construction-site   ID#   6164