john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A globe of portraits representing social media rests in the palm of a businessman's hand in this image about business and social media on a global level.
Business-Social-Media-In-Hand   ID#   7905

A baby in diapers stands before a ladder that symbolizes opportunity, exploration and curiosity. The background is a summer sky with light puffy clouds.
Opportunity-And-A-Baby   ID#   7902

Photo composite of Botticelli's famous painting depicting a woman standing on the half shell of a scallop next to the shore while rose blossoms rain down around her.
Birth-of-Venus-On-The-Half-Shell   ID#   7898

A successful businessman stands on top of a mountain surveying the sunrise below in his visionary quest for the way forward and to what possibilities the future has to offer.
Man-On-A-Mountain-Successful-And-Visionary   ID#   7886

An elephant pauses before a tenuous rock bridge deciding whether to proceed across the risky structure in a photo about decisions, risk and political commentary (elephants representing the Republican party).
Elephant-Pondering-A-Decision   ID#   7867

A pair of escalators rise up through the clouds as a businessman contemplates moving his operations  to
Escalator-To-Cloud-Computing   ID#   7866

A man stands in contemplation before a dangerous looking cable foot bridge, with missing boards, that disappears into the clouds in an image that is a metaphor for the unknown, mystery, adventure and risk.
Bridge-to-Nowhere   ID#   7828

Photo of a woman in profile is metaphorically connected to future technology and communications by streaks of colored light.
Woman-Connected-To-Future-Technology   ID#   7825

A man wears a yellow hardhat and faces and overwhelmingly complex configuration of industrial pipes.
Man-Wearing-Hardhat-Confronts-Complexity   ID#   7795

A businessman looks up appreciatively into an evening sky filled with the faces of people, fellow tribe members of the man's social network team.
Social-Media-Teamwork-In-Cyberspace   ID#   7791

A business executive looks out over a city and sees a rainbow in the distance, a sign of impending opportunity and success.
Business-Opportunity-and-Success-Indicated-By-An-Urban-Rainbow   ID#   7782

A woman executive stands atop a lighthouse in a frenetic urban environment and seeks to find the way forward.
A-Woman-Executive-Looks-For-The-Way-Forward-Atop-An-Urban-Lighthouse   ID#   7781

A human skeleton is in the thinker pose before an empty white board in a research facility in this image about difficult challenges.
Human-Skeleton-And-Dead-End-Calculations   ID#   7779

Over-Thinking   ID#   7778

A business executive stands in front of an etched glass world map pondering an important global business decision.
Global-Business-Decisions   ID#   7736

A woman looks out over a sunset and his herself filled with night sky of stars in an image about wonder, exploration and the infinite.
Star-Filled-Woman   ID#   7719

A man with a briefcase stands on a walkway at an airport and watches an airliner fly by either in a landing approach or taking off.
Arriving-And-Departing-Flight   ID#   7690

Photo of an African American executive as he gazes out of a window in the board room and contemplates the future and the decisions he must make.
Executive-Decision   ID#   7646

Photo of a middle aged baby boomer Asian woman standing outdoors with a white dress and a green shawl set against a clear blue sky in Northern California.
Picture-of-a-Middle-Aged-Asian-Woman-In-White-Dress   ID#   7443

Picture of an elderly woman sitting on a grassy hillside outdoors on a yoga mat in a lotus position while meditiating.  Yellow shorts and pink tank top.  Blue sky background and dry brown grass foreground.
Senior-Woman-Meditating-and-Doing-Yoga-Outdoors   ID#   7408

Stock photo of a senior woman sitting on a grassy hill meditating. The Asian meditating woman has a scenic view  looking down towards a valley shrouded in fog. Woman viewed from behind.
Senior-Woman-Meditating-Outdoors   ID#   7399

In a romantic vacation photo a woman wades into the warm blue-green tropical waters of an ocean at sunset or sunrise.
Romantic-Picture-of-Woman-Wading-In-Ocean-At-Sunset   ID#   7352

Contrails stretch over the head of a businessman looking to the sky for guidance in cloud computing issues.
Cloud-Computing-And-Future-Directions   ID#   7176

Photo of a Giraffe standing on top of a cliff with storm clouds in the background as the sun begins to set.
Giraffe-On-A-Cliff-Photo   ID#   7157

A fortune teller's hands hover over a glowing crystal ball as she looks into the future for premonitions.
Crystal-Balls-And-Predicting-The-Future   ID#   7131

Voter fraud: a stock shot of a voting machine with money, dollars, pouring out of it in a demonstration of fraud, corruption and bribery.
Voting-Fraud-Corruption-and-Bribery   ID#   7130

Picture of a man, behind a frosted glass partition, feeling overwhelmed and in need of a break.
Overwhelmed-Man-Out-Of-Focus   ID#   7124

Picture of a human brain surrounded by brain waves, thoughts, ideas and connections indicating creativity, intelligence and brain research.
An-Active-Connected-Human-Brain   ID#   7104

In this picture the human brain is in creative action surrounded by waves and vortexes of energy and thoughts illustrating science, neuro research and creativity.
The-Human-Brain-and-Creativity-In-Action   ID#   7099

Missed connections is one of the primary concepts in this photo of an African American businessman watchiing a departing jet.
Businessman-Watching-His-Flight-Depart-Wtihout-Him-Missed-Connections   ID#   7079

Portrait of a Black woman business executive, corn rowed hair and direct eye contact, in an upscale high tech office environment.
Black-Woman-Business-Executive-Portrait   ID#   7077

Picture of an African American executive gazing out the windows of his corner office contemplating gathering storm clouds.
Executive-Decsisons-A-CEO-Contemplates-The-Future   ID#   7005

Picture of a man's head filled with colored light trails indicating connections, synapses, neurons and creative activity.
Connections-Synapses-Neurons-and-Creativity   ID#   6721

Picture of a young white child, a boy, standing on a dock with his hands on his hips and his back to the camera.  The kid is wearing a yellow shirt and kahki shorts.  Photos of a kid alone on a dock looking out at the river or lake.
Young-boy-standing-alone-on-dock-looking-out-over-the-water   ID#   6689

Stock photo of a father and is young son standing on a dock.  They both have their hands on their hips and have their backs to the camera. The father and son are looking out over the water.  Father is wearing orange shirt and shorts.
Father-and-young-son-standing-on-dock   ID#   6685

A couple, a man and a woman, are standing vey close to a window and facing the window looking out. Both the man and the woman have their hands in their pockets. Standing in a hallway looking out a window.
Couple-looking-out-window   ID#   6023

Picture of a bald black mans head. The man has a look and air of confidence and is wearing an orange shirt. Pitch black background.
Close-up-of-African-man   ID#   5995

Close up photo of a black man holding his hand against his forehead like maybe he has a headache or just realized there is a big problem with something.  Photo of a bald black man with a headache.  Unhappy African american man .
Picture-of-an-African-man-with-hand-on-forehead   ID#   5994

Beautiful pregnant Hispanic woman at the beach with a white bikini and a white cover up.  Log black hair in a ponytail.  Nine months pregnant pic.
Side-Views-of-Pregnant-Woman-at-Beach   ID#   5786

9 months pregnant this beautiful hispanic woman has her arms outstretched in celbration of her pregnancy.  Pregnant woman having fun at the ocean beach with a cloudy sky background.
Pregnant-woman-at-beach   ID#   5785