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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Picture of a man jumping up high to serve a volleyball. The man is playing beach volley ball next to the ocean. Man wearing red shorts against deep blue sky background. Sports play at the beach.
Beach-Volleyball-Pictures-Leaping-High-Into-the-Air-to-Serve-A-Ball   ID#   7002

Picture of a group of office worker employees performing Tai Chi before starting the workday. They are doing thier Tai Chi exercises in the office. People performing Tai Chi in a group photo.
Office-Workers-Doing-Group-Tai-Chi-At-Work   ID#   6966

Picture of a man performing Tai Chi in the sunlight streaming in through the window in the office. Man doing Tai Chi at work. Tai Chi pics for ads.
Senior-Executive-Doing-Tai-Chi-in-the-Office   ID#   6965

Group of office employees in yoga positions at the office. Large empty room well lit from large windows with office workers lined up and in yoga positons in front of the windows. Office yoga pics.
Picture-of-Office-Workers-In-Yoga-Positions-At-Work   ID#   6958

Picture of a group of office workers bend over at the waist and touching their fingers to their toes and to the floor. Morning stretching routine for office employees. Ad pics for health.
Employees-At-Work-Streching-Together-Before-Work-Starts   ID#   6956

Picture of office workers doing stretching exercises at work. A row or line of employees doing morning stretching at the office before the days work begins. Bent at the waist this group of office worker employees are stretching in unison.
Stretching-Exercises-At-the-Office   ID#   6955

Photos of people at the office having fun and forming a conga line. Dancing office workers having a good time dancing at work in a conga line. Funny ad pics.
Office-Conga-Line-Funny-Picture-of-Office-Workers-Dancing-In-a-Conga-Line   ID#   6954

Picture of a senior man in business attire performing tricks on a skateboard the underside of which has a money graphic design.
Skateboarding-Senior-Businessman   ID#   6944

Picture of a man bending over backwards outdoors in the sunlight. The happy smiling Chinese man is wearing blue jeans and a navy blue sweat shirt. Man playing in the park.
Photo-of-a-Chinese-American-or-Asian-Man-Bending-Over-Backwards-In-the-Park   ID#   6926

Stock photo of two Hispanic, Mexican, or Latino businessmen playing basketball outdoors in the sun. Part of an active healthy lifestyle. A senior executive dribbling the basketball in a dress shirt and tie. Ad pics.
Picture-of-Businessmen-Playing-Basketball-Outdoors-Latino-or-Hispanic-Men-In-a-Pickup-Game   ID#   6889

Picture of two business executives playing a game of pick up basketball outdoors on a bright sunny day. Businessmen in suits playing basketball without thier coats.  Senior executive playing with junior executive on the basketball court.
Business-Executives-Playing-Basketball-and-Leading-Active-Healthy-Lifestyles   ID#   6888

Stock photo of a couple of hispanic businessmen playing basketball together. One is a senior executive with gray hair and a gray goatee, and the other is a young executive just beginning his career. Executives playing basketball pics.
Two-Hispanic-businessmen-on-a-basketball-court-leading-an-active-healthy-lifestyle   ID#   6887

Picture of an older senior man with gray hair and a gray goatee is holding a basket ball in his hands and he is about to shoot some hoops. Senior man playing basketball.
Photo-of-a-senior-man-about-to-shoot-a-basketball-   ID#   6886

Stock photo of a strong fit female body builder flexing her big muiscles. Extreme fitness photo. Well muscled black woman flexing. She flexes.
Picture-of-a-female-body-builder-flexing-her-muscles-and-wearing-yellow-shorts-and-halter-top   ID#   6871

Stock photo of a young hispanic or Mexican youngster riding his bike. The boy is wearing a plaid shirt, straw hat, and a red bandana around his neck. Happy Mexican kids pics.
Young-Mexican-Boy-Riding-a-Bike-and-Wearing-a-Straw-Hat-and-Bandana   ID#   6851

Stock image of a Mexican, Hispanic, or Latino couple in love and taking a stroll through the woods.  Beautiful woman and handsome man walking in the forest. Romantic stock pics for ads.
Out-for-a-stroll-in-the-woods-Hispanic-Couple-In-Love   ID#   6739

Funny stock photo of a businessman in a dress shirt, tie, and slacks and wearing boxing gloves in the corner of a boxing ring. The businessman is on the ropes.  Ad pics of beat up businessmen. Man with a black eye. Funny advertising picture.
Funny-People-Pics-Well-Dressed-Man-With-Black-Eye-and-Boxing-Gloves   ID#   6733

Stock image of a hispanic or Mexican couple hugging in the woods. Deep in the forest this romantic couple is posing for a portrait.  Dense thick stand of trees in the background. Romantic advertising pictures of ethnic people.
Romantic-Picture-of-Latino-Couple-Hugging-In-the-Forest-   ID#   6732

Funny pictures of people. This funnny people picture depicts two men in dress shirts and ties standing in a boxing ring face to face and wearing big red boxing gloves. Silly photo of men boxing.  Humorous advertising pics for small businesses.
Funny-Picture-of-Two-Men-In-Business-Suits-Facing-Off-In-a-Boxing-Ring-With-Boxing-Gloves   ID#   6731

Chinese American or Asian man standing next to and holding his bike up with one hand is smiling at the camera. Pics of fit healthy Asian or Chinese athletes. Scenic rolling grass covered hillside.
Picture-of-a-Chinese-American-Athlete-With-His-Bicycle   ID#   6730

Close up photo of a man's head and face as he tightens his chin strap on his biking helmet. The man is wearing sunglasses and both of his hands are fidding with his chinstrap.  Blue sky background.  Fotos of athletes in action.
Chinese-or-Asian-Man-Close-Up-Fastening-His-Chin-Strap   ID#   6729

Picture of a mans torso as he adjusts his cycling gloves. The photo goes from his chin to just above his knees. The image of the cyclist is on the left side of the photo. The man is standing next to a country road trailing off into the distance.
Pic-of-a-man-putting-on-bicycle-gloves-Healthy-Lifestyle-Pics   ID#   6728

Picture of an Asian couple standing with their bicycles on a country road in green grassy rolling hillside country. Advertising photos of healthy active lifestyles.
Asian-or-Chinese-American-couple-wearing-bicycle-gear-outdoors   ID#   6726

Pictures of Hid and Seek. This boyfrend, girlfriend couple is having fun playing hide and seek deep in a forest of trees.  Thick lush grass carpets the ground around the hundreds of trees.  The beautiful hispanic girlfriend is hidng.
Couple-playing-hide-and-seek-in-forest-deep-in-the-woods   ID#   6725

Close up portrait of a Chinese American woman in cylcing gear standing with her bicycle on a country gravel road surrounded by green grass covered hills.  Happy smiling women with bikes. Picture of an asian woman smiling at the camera.
Asian-woman-wearing-bicycle-gear-with-bicycle   ID#   6723

Stock photo of a man riding a bicycle on a gravel country road in rolling hills covered with thick green grass.  The sky is clear and blue on a bright sunny day. Perfect day for a bike ride in the country.
Man-riding-bike-on-country-road-down-hill   ID#   6722

Photo of a man racing his bike down a gravel road in the country.  Clear blue sky in the background. Lush green grass on both sides of the road. Pics of men on bikes for ads. Healthy lifestyle photo.
Picture-of-an-Asian-or-Chinese-man-riding-a-bike-downhill-on-a-country-road   ID#   6716

An Asian American couple riding mountain bikes on a stretch of gravel road bordered on both sides by rolling hills covered with lush green grass. Mountain biking pictures for ads.
Chinese-American-Couple-On-Mountain-Bikes-in-the-Countryside   ID#   6715

Chinese American man riding his bicycle in the country on a rural gravel road.  The asian man is wearing a helmet, an orange jersy, black shorts, and gloves.  Pic of man riding bike on gravel road. Green grass on both sides of the road.
Asian-man-riding-bicycle-in-countryside-on-a-gravel-road   ID#   6714

Photo of a cyclist riding uphill on a country gravel road. Beautiful clear blue sky.  Lush green grass hillsides.  Stock photo of a man riding a bicycle in the country. The man is wearing cycling gear, helmet, gloves etc.
Man-riding-bicycle-up-hill-on-a-gravel-road-in-the-rural-countryside   ID#   6712

A happy smiling couple hugging in the deep woods of the forest. Stock image of a happy hispanic couple in the forest. The man is giving the woman a piggy back ride in the woods.
Portrait-of-Latino-or-Mexican-couple-hugging-in-forest   ID#   6708

Picture of a couple holding hands as they walk on a dirt path through a dense woods or forest.  Scary looking path through the deep dark woods.  Photo of an adventure about to happen.  Walking the path together.
Midsection-of-couple-holding-hands-on-a-path-in-forest   ID#   6699

Picture of a couple in the woods.  Stock photo of a happy smiling mexican couple looking back over their shoulders toward the camera.  Romantic photos of hispanic couples for advertising.
Latino-Hispanic-or-Mexican-Couple-Holding-Hands-in-the-Woods-A-Romantic-Picture   ID#   6686

Picture of grand parents and a granddaughter rowing a small row-boat on a river.  Gray haird grandma and grandpa are manning the oars as their young daughter sits near the bow of the small row boat. Family outing pics for ads.
Family-Boating-Pictures-Using-Oars-To-Row-A-Boat   ID#   6684

Picture of a woman running in the woods. Blurred image of a hispanic girl running on a dirt path in the wilderness. She is wearing a red and black jacket and dark pants. Thick growth of trees in the background.
Blurred-image-of-woman-jogging-in-forest   ID#   6677

Romantic picture of a happy young couple in love laying in a field of lush green clover with a forest of trees behind them. Lifestyle picture of a couple laying in a medow facing the camera and smiling. Mexican couple in a green field of clover.
Portrait-of-couple-laying-in-meadow-full-of-clover   ID#   6670

Romantic photo of an Hispanic or Mexican couple hugging and holding hands while laying in a field of clover.  Trees in a forest in the background. Happy romantic pictues of a couple in laying in a clover field. Pics for ads.
Couple-embracing-in-clover-field   ID#   6663

Happy smiling young couple, boyfriend and girlfriedn are hugging in a field of clover. The lovers are smiling at each other and his arms are around her and they are holding hands. Pictures of love in a field of green clover.
Boyfriend-and-Girlfirend-Huggy-Happily-In-a-Field-of-Four-Leaf-Clovers   ID#   6655

Romance photography in fields of clover. An ethnic couple is laying together in a field of clover and embracing each other. Pics of people in love. Lovers in a clover field.
Picture-of-a-Romantic-Couple-Hugging-In-a-Field-of-Clover   ID#   6648

Picture of a teen aged girl jumping for joy on a tropical beach after sunset. The sky is filled with dramatic clouds and her image is reflected in the wet sand.
Teen-Girl-Jumping-For-Joy-On-A-Tropical-Beach   ID#   6637