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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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An aerial view of a yacht shows the sailboat cutting through mist and fog in a stock photo about navigation, risk and challenge as well as skill and daring.
Yacht-Sailing-Through-The-Fog-And-Mist   ID#   8403

A woman in a red dress rides a galloping rhino across a vast empty plain in a dramatic image and stock photo illustrating freedom, daring, the unexpected and strong women.
Woman-Riding-A-Galloping-Rhino   ID#   8397

A woman rides a raptor above the clouds, her pink dress blowing in the wind, in a stock photo about freedom, success and courage.
Woman-Riding-A-Raptor   ID#   8395

A charging rhinoceros gallops across the plain in a stock image about speed, power, momentum, ruggedness and durability.
Galloping-And-Charging-Rhino   ID#   8394

A crocodile is half submerged in the still waters of a lake as the sun goes down in this stock image about hidden dangers and risks.
Lurking-Crocodile-And-Hidden-Dangers   ID#   8366

A lighthouse keeper stands watch at the top of a lighthouse while huge ocean waves crash all around as dark storm clouds approach in an image about vigilance, vision, guidance, safety danger and risk.
Lighthouse-Watch   ID#   8305

In a parody of Sandro Botticelli's famous
Birth-of-Venus-Elephant   ID#   8197

A white horse rears up on a cliff at the edge of a precipice, a canyon that stretches deep and wide. Above the distant canyon walls the sun struggles to break out of the clouds in a brilliant sunrise.
Rearing-White-Horse-At-The-Edge-Of-A-Cliff   ID#   8140

A herd of stampeding white horses charge towards the camera in a dramatic image of speed, power, freedom and countless other concepts.
Stampeding-White-Horses   ID#   8133

A Cheetah is silhouetted against a setting sun as it sprints across sand dunes in a metaphor for speed and agility.
Sprinting-Cheetah   ID#   7916

Photo composite of Botticelli's famous painting depicting a woman standing on the half shell of a scallop next to the shore while rose blossoms rain down around her.
Birth-of-Venus-On-The-Half-Shell   ID#   7898

Two Bengal tigers fight each other in the shallow water of a river in striking image of big cats.
Tigers-Fighting   ID#   7895

A solitary lighthouse stands at the edge of a cliff casting its beam out over the storm tossed ocean waves in a beacon of guidance, hope and safety.
Lighthouse-On-A-Cliff   ID#   7889

A flow of colored light streaks spread out from a narrow flow to a large complex pattern in an image about complexity, energy and future communications technology.
Light-Flow-Showing-Complexity-And-Energy   ID#   7870

Photo of a lion standing on a cliff and looking towards the camera in an image about vigilance, vision and mastery.
Lion-Standing-Vigilant-On-A-Cliff   ID#   7863

A sailboat crests a wave nearing a lighthouse in an ocean storm in this photo about risk and safety.
Sail-Boat-And-Lighthouse-In-Storm-   ID#   7811

An elephant stands on the edge of a cliff with storm clouds in the background in this picture of facing challenges, change and even extinction.
Elephant-Standing-On-A-Cliff   ID#   7158

Cats and dogs are having a birthday party in a business environment of cubicles.
Funny-Cat-and-Dog-Office-Party-For-A-Group-Birthday-Greeting-Card   ID#   5494

A young Mongol girl sits astride a mustang, a Mongolian pony, in Mongolia.
Mongolian-Girl-On-Horseback   ID#   5354

Two elephants square off in a battle for dominance inside a Sumo ring in this funny lol Pachyderm photo.
Elephant-Photos-Funny-LOL-Pictures-of-Two-Elephanst-Sumo-Wrestling   ID#   4676

Panorama photo of Kilauea Lighthouse at sunset on the Island of Kuai, Hawaii - Beautiful photos of lighthouses.
Picture-of-Kilauea-Lighthouse-at-Sunset   ID#   3701

A full moon lights up the night clouds and a lighthouse casts its beam out over the ocean in a bucolic scene
Moonscape-Lighthouse-At-Night   ID#   3698

A full moon looms in the sky at sunset while a watchman of the lighthouse looks out to sea in this stock photo.
Picture-of-a-Moonscape-Lighthouse-With-Watchman-looking-Out-To-Sea   ID#   3461

A lighthouse casts its beam of light across the storm seas in a concept stock picture of a lighthouse at dusk.
Photo-of-a-lighthouse-in-an-ocean-storm-   ID#   3421

A Holstein Dairy Cow is riding a surfboard on a wave in a funny cow photo for a greeting card.
Holstein-Dairy-Cow-Rides-The-Wave-In-This-Funny-Surfing-Photo   ID#   3390

A woman wearing a flowing purple dress, runs free through a field of yellow daisies expressing her wild and natural side
Woman-Running-Free-Through-Field-of-Flowers   ID#   2079

A woman in a purple dress soars through a sunset sky illustrating freedom, possibilities and fantasy. Picture of a woman falling from the sky with a purple dress on. Flying people picture.
Woman-Flying-Through-or-Falling-From-A-Sunset-Sky   ID#   2078

Overhead view of a Ballerina walking down a spiraling staircase as she makes an entrance before her performance. Picture of a ballerina in a purple dance costume.
Ballerina-Descending-A-Staircase-Showing-Anticipation   ID#   2077

A dairy cow, on white, shot from a rear view showing off her large udder which needs milking. Funny photos of dairy cows.
Milk-This-Picture-of-A-Holstein-Dairy-Cow-   ID#   2059

An African American woman painting on a canvas at an easel in her art studio. The woman has a short Afro type hair style, is wearing a pink blouse, and has open paints on the desk in front of her.
Woman-Artist-in-an-Art-Studio-Painting-With-Easel-and-Canvas   ID#   1945

A complex pattern of colored lights create a stunning stock image. Oranges and reds dominate, but there are greens and blues as well.
Beautiful-Vibrant-Colorful-Light-Patterns   ID#   1663

Funny Cows Wearing Cowboy Boots. These are brahma bulls, bull calves actually...and they like their boots! The herd of cattle is facing the camera and each animal has it's own pair of boots.
Herd-of-Brahma-Cattle-Wearing-Cowboy-Boots   ID#   1522

Monochromatic photograph of a strong muscular female back posed against a dramatic cloudscape showing a strong woman, feminine strength and fitness.
Picture-of-Womans-Strong-Beautiful-and-Healthy-Back   ID#   1514

A beautiful artistic money tree set against an impressive deep blue sky with a few clouds.  The tree leaves have been replaced with 100 dollar bills. Money Tree Pics.
Large-Beautiful-Money-Tree-with-Dollars-For-Leaves   ID#   1504

Funny photo of an elephant in Rodin's thinker pose, sitting on a tree stump with his chin resting on his hand, er foot.
Elephant-Thinker-An-Elephant-Sitting-in-Rodin's-Thinker-Pose   ID#   1488

Picture of a young Burmese Monk as he crosses a bamboo footbridge wearing the traditional orange robes. Beautiful scenic picture.
Child-Monk-Walking-over-Footbridge   ID#   1485

Picture of a Tibetan Monastary in Ladkah. This monastary was built in the 17th century in the Himalayas. Beautiful scenic view of the Himalayas with a clear blue sky.
Lamayuru-Monastery   ID#   1451

Travel photography - Sail boat at sunset in India with a huge sun dipping down to the horizon.  Behind the boat is a land dotted with palm trees.
Scenic-Sail-Boat-Picture-at-Sunset-In-India   ID#   1376

A group of fisherman in small two man boats are casting out the fishing nets on a nice summer day in India near Cochin.
Fishing-With-Nets-In-India   ID#   1375

Travel photo of fisherman silhouetted against the setting sun as they throw their net from a small boat. Gorgeous beautiful sunset with a red sky and the setting sun reflected in the water.
A-Boat-and-Fisherman-Throwing-Their-Net   ID#   1374