john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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An attractive young woman is sitting in a hair dresser's chair in a hair salon.  Woman in the background under a hair dryer. Bright pink wall in the background.  Pink shoes.
Young-woman-sitting-in-hairdresser's-chair   ID#   5148

A young woman is checking her makeup in a mirror on the wall of a beauty salon.  The wall is pink. Another lady is under a hair dryer in the corner of the room. Beauty salon photo.
Young-woman-checking-makeup-in-salon-mirror   ID#   5135

Photo of a woman in a beauty parlor putting on makeup or checking her makeup  in front of a mirror on the wall.  Another woman sits under a hair dryer in the corner.  Wall is pink. Beauty parlor pic.
Woman-checking-makeup-in-salon-mirror   ID#   5127

Two dogs, a Pomeranian and another undetermined long-haired breed, sit with foil in their fur under hair dryers in a beauty Salon in this Funny dog photo.
Funny-Dogs-Under-Hair-Dryers-in-a-Beauty-Salon-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5122

Beauty Salon Operator About to Cut A Clients Hair - Two Asian women. One seated in chair looking in the mirror on the wall, and the hairdresser is standing behind her using her hands with the seated woman's hair.
Young-hairdresser-examining-client   ID#   5115

Sports stock photo of a young black athlete stretching before a race.  Black track and field athlete pic.
Male-track-athlete-stretching-before-race   ID#   4943

Beautiful Hispanic woman standing on a dry grassy hillside with boulders and rocks sticking up out of the ground. The latina woman is quite beautiful and has long black hair floating in the gentle breeze. Beautiful Latina Women Pix.
Woman-standing-in-the-breeze   ID#   4909

Smiling young Asian business executive outdoors with a deep blue sky for the background. Asian business person photo.
Asian-Businessman-Outdoors   ID#   4882

Photo of the back of a tall beautiful woman with a waist length braided ponytail.  The woman is walking with her back to the camera on a bath up a brown grass covered hill.
Woman-with-braided-ponytail-walking-on-path   ID#   4863

Beautiful Hispanic or Latina Woman with beautiful waist length flowing down her back.  She is looking off to the side and she is wearing a flowing dress. Hot Latina Pic.
Beautiful-Woman-In-Tall-Dead-Brown-Grass   ID#   4856

Picture of a beautiful hispanic woman standing in a field of dry grass with the camera looking up at her from ground level. She has on pretty flowing yellowish greenish dress and is looking into the distance. Latina woman standing in tall grass.
Beautiful-Hispanic-Woman-With-Long-Black-Hair   ID#   4849

Black male athlete, a sprinter,  leaving the starting blocks with a big Afro type hairstyle. He is determined to win!  Bright yellow jersy and blue running shorts with green shoes.  Determination strength effort pic.
Male-runner-leaving-starting-line   ID#   4841

Photo of a beautiful hispanic woman with long black hair kneeling down in a field of grass. She has a blade of grass in her hand and is examining it.  Beautiful blue sky. She is wearing a white lace dress. Beautiful Hispanic woman pic.
Woman-standing-in-a-grassy-field   ID#   4742

Teen girl alone in her room sitting on her bed with her head down and her long hair hanging down over her head.  Bright red bedspread. The girl is barefooted.
Girl-sitting-on-bed-with-head-down   ID#   4740

Beautiful woman with long black hair, smiling at the camera as she looks over her shoulder.  The hillside she is standing on is covered with dry brown grass and the sky is a deep blue.
Portrait-of-woman-with-long-hair   ID#   4734

Man wearing a costume dancing at a disco club in Rio. Strobe lights, multi-colored lights, spot lights, black lights, nightclub atmosphere.
Costumed-Man-Dancing-At-A-Disco-Club   ID#   4713

Woman standing on a hillside facing the sun with her arms out stretched head tilted up and with her eyes closed.  The beautiful Hispanic woman has long dark hair. Spiritual pics of women.
Sensual-woman-standing-on-hillside   ID#   4680

Beautiful sleeping hispanic woman with big hair.  Very attractive Latina woman laying on her back with her eyes closed and her air spread out about her.  Beautiful Latina Woman Pic.
Portrait-of-sleeping-beauty-Sleeping-Hispanic-Woman-   ID#   4658

Picture of a lovely attractive Asian woman brushing her long beautiful hair in the morning. She is wearing a white robe and glancing toward the ceiling.
Woman-in-robe-brushing-hair   ID#   4397

Beautiful woman sitting on the edge of the bath tub wearing a white bath towel and brushing her long brown hair.  She has a lovely smile and is back lit through a window behind her.
Portrait-of-woman-wrapped-in-towel-brushing-hair   ID#   4371

Image of a woman in a bikini swim suit practicing yoga positions on the sandy beach with the waves lapping at her feet.
Woman-Practicing-Yoga-At-the-Beach   ID#   4219

Happy smiling ethnic woman standing in front of her surfboard at the beach. She as long black hair and a pretty smile.  Photo is from the waist up. Sun is behind.
Portrait-of-a-Latina-woman-standing-in-front-of-surf-board-at-beach   ID#   4192

Portrait of a happy ethnic woman with long brown hair and a red blouse sitting in beach grass and smiling.
Portrait-of-woman-sitting-in-beach-grass   ID#   4159

Stock photo of a very pretty woman using her hands to hold out the bottom of her cute turquoise dress. She has long brown hair and is very attractive. Her hair is blowing in the wind.
Pretty-woman-holding-out-dress-to-sides   ID#   4152

Portrait of a successful African American businessman twirling a globe or the planet earth on his finger.
Full-view-portrait-of-businessman-twirling-globe   ID#   4032

Pic of a couple of women smiling and happy driving in a convertible car with the top down. The woman in the passenger position is standing up.
Hot-Multi-ethnic-women-driving-in-convertible   ID#   4010

Portrait of a beautiful young Hispanic woman standing proud outdoors with her long black hair blowing in the wind. She is wearing a sexy red blouse and blue jeans.
Portrait-of-a-Proud-Hispanic-Woman   ID#   4008

Photo of a Hispanic woman with her long black hair blowing in the wind. She is very happy and wearing a bright red silk blouse and blue jeans with a dark blue sky background.
Hispanic-woman-with-hair-blowing   ID#   4007

Latino Man stands behind Latino woman with his arms around her and kissing her on the cheek. Romance stock photo.
Latino-Couple-Hugging-Outdoors   ID#   4005

African American Man standing in front of the American flag smiling with his right hand over his heart as if to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag.
Portrait-of-man-with-hand-over-heart-standing-in-front-of-American-flag   ID#   4002

Portrait of a very pretty young woman laying on the beach, facing the camera and smiling beautifully.
Portrait-of-a-pretty-woman-laying-on-beach-smiling   ID#   3991

Portrait stock photo of a mixed race couple looking back over their shoulders at the camera. She is Indian and He is of African Descent
Portrait-of-couple   ID#   3990

Photo of an ethnic man dressed in white and holding up the earth with his right hand. He is happy, smiling, and in control.
Full-view-portrait-of-man-holding-globe   ID#   3983

Happy smiling ethnically diverse couple, she being Indian and he being African american. She is wearing purple and he is wearing white.
Portrait-of-couple-smiling   ID#   3976

Photo of a woman surfer with her surfboard looking back over her shoulder at the camera. She is happy and smiling.  She has long brown hair and a blue surfboard. A lifestyle stock photo.
Rear-view-portrait-of-woman-at-beach-carrying-surf-board   ID#   3944

Picture of a happy smiling little girl around 6 or 7 years old with shoulder length curly hair and a light blue shirt
Mixed-Race-girl-with-curly-hair   ID#   3503

Bubble Gum in on the face of this young girl who was blowing bubbles when the bubble burst leaving her disappointed.
A-Teen-Girl-Of-Chinese-Descent-Looks-Surprised-With-A-Burst-Bubble-Gum-Bubble-On-Her-Face   ID#   3418

A young mixed-race happy boy shakes his head to fling the water out of his hair in an exhuberant stock photo.
Young-Boy-shaking-water-out-of-his-hair   ID#   3417

Picture of a smiling Hairstylist leaning on chair with a comb in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other.
Smiling-African-American-Hairstylist-   ID#   3350

Picture of an African American Woman cutting a customers hair in a beauty salon. She owns her own business.
Woman-Cutting-Customers-Hair   ID#   3346