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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A jet airliner is seen lifting into the air and away over the airport runway in this stock photo about journeys, opportunities and connections.
Departing-Jet-Over-The-Tarmac   ID#   7074

Stock photo representing global communications.  A man is on the phone at a desk and a woman is on another phone at a second desk which butts up to the first desk. The desks are straddled by a world globe.  Mans background is yellow.
Split-Photo-people-talking-on-telephone-with-globe-between-them   ID#   6784

Picture of a black woman holding a world globe in her hands. The African American woman is laying back in a relciner and she is wearing a yellow sweater over a white blouse. Ad pics for travel.
African-American-Woman-Laying-In-Stuffed-Chair-Holding-World-Globe   ID#   6399

An airport gangway sits unused and alone on the vast empty tarmac of an airport symbolizing connections, networking and opportunity and potentially being left behind.
Networking-Connections-Gangway   ID#   6109

View of the Hong Kong airport form inside the passenger waiting area. View of the runway at the airport.
Hong-Kong-Airport-Runway   ID#   5719

Three construction industry executive portraits montaged with sunrise over cranes symbolizing the people behind construction growth.
Construction-Industry-Executives-With-Cranes   ID#   5633

A busy modern shopping mall is represented by this futuristic image with people in motion in a bast building of glass.
Busy-Modern-Shopping-Mall-   ID#   5563

International business on the go is illustrate with this montage photo of working on a plane, business meetings and travel.
International-Business-On-The-Go   ID#   5562

A montage of pictures created to show dynamic business travel with elements from airports, urban construction and abstract patterns.
Global-Business-Travel   ID#   5561

Global business and communications illustrated with a photographic montage of people, cities and colored streaks of light.
Global-Business-Communications-   ID#   5560

An African American Woman's face superimposed over hundreds of other faces as a social media concept stock photo.
Social-Media-Networking-African-American-Woman   ID#   5539

A vibrant, colorful montage of people on the move for business with packages and light streaks indicating speed and communications.
Fast-Global-Shipping-Connections   ID#   5524

A young Asian woman executive photographed against a high tech background of streaking colored lights.
Technology-Communications-Executive-Portrait   ID#   5446

A young Mongol girl sits astride a mustang, a Mongolian pony, in Mongolia.
Mongolian-Girl-On-Horseback   ID#   5354

A mosaic created from approximately 250 portraits of all kinds of people: young, old, ethnic and gender diverse.
Melting-Pot-Mosaic-Portrait-of-Over-One-Hundred-Diverse-People   ID#   5338

A composite picture of a modern multi-racial human composed of five different ethnically diverse models.
Modern-Multi-Racial-Composite-Portrait-of-a-Human-Being   ID#   5288

Funny picture of a baby in diapers sitting on top of a world globe. The baby has a hillarious expresion on his face. Blond baby boy in diapers. Blond baby pic.
Baby-Sitting-On-World-Globe   ID#   4865

A couple is dancing in the forefront of a nightclub or rage complete with colored lights and disco ball in a high energy scene.
Raging-in-a-Night-Club-with-dancing-amid-the-colored-lights-and-disco-ball-reflectionsgetting-down!   ID#   4189

Photo of an elderly Padaung Tribal Woman, with neck rings, of the Karen People in Burma using a foot powered sewing machine
Photo-of-A-Tribal-Woman-Wearing-Neck-Rings   ID#   3630

The photo of a reflection in a Koi pond shows a commercial jet symbolizing vacation travel to tropical realms and getting away from it all.
Tropical-Vacation-Travel-Via-Jet   ID#   3305

A Fisherman is Rowing his boat with his leg on Inle Lake, Myanmar at sunset. A conical fishing net is on his boat.
Fisherman-In-Inle-Lake-Myanmar   ID#   3220

A businessman and woman dance the tango in teamwork in an office with a contract and pen in hand to seal the deal with
Business-Tango-Teamwork-Seals-the-Deal   ID#   2943

A gold South African Krugerrand Coin spins in slow motion on a marble surface in this stock video
Gold-Krugerand-Coin-Spinning-In-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2464

An African American woman relaxes in an overstuffed chair holding and examining a world globe symbolizing travel and adventure.
African-American-Woman-Holding-A-World-Globe   ID#   1979

A businessman and a business woman sit on opposite sides of the world in a phone conversation. The man has a yellow background and the woman on the other side of the world has a green background.
Concept-Pictures-of-Global-Business-Commuications   ID#   1934

Picture of Communications Montage including a keyboard, number pad hand with a mouse, cellphone atenna and more.
Communication-Systems   ID#   1457

Picture representing Global and International Business Agreements Including a Handshake. A number of symbols are merged with a photo of the earth including different kinds of money.
Hands-Shaking-A-Globe-Money-and-Euros-International-Business-Agreements   ID#   1456

A picture of a fully loaded container ship in the ocean with smoke from the stack trailing behind. Aerial view.
Aerial-view-of-cargo-ship-loaded-with-containers   ID#   997

Stock photo of montage of international currencies. A full page with all kinds of paper money, Lira, US, Francs, Chinese, and more.
Currency-Carpet-With-All-Kinds-of-Money-A-background-of-international-monies-a-wall-paper-of-global-currency   ID#   988

Travel and adventure stock photo of a Muslin Bride about to be married with her traditional head dress and costume.
Beautiful-Muslim-Bride-Before-the-Wedding-Being-Dressed-Kashmir-India   ID#   425

Stock Photo of a Girls School in Ladakh, India - This class picture of school girls in Ladakh, India was photographed in Leh, the capital of Ladakh.
School-Girls-Leh-Ladkah   ID#   400

Picture of a snow covered pass in the Himalayas. A dangerous road to travel. Himalayan Mountains at 18,000 feet in Ladkah, India, are covered with snow in this winter photograph.
Scenic-Dangerous-Road-to-Kardung-La-in-the-Winter   ID#   387

Picture of a beautiful scenic snow covered Himalayan pass. This view is just beyond the summit looking towards Leh.
Kardung-La-Pass-in-the-Himilayas   ID#   386

Picture of a herd of goats in the Himalayas. Coming across a heard of himilayan Goats Early in the Morning. Digar is a mountain pass at 17,500 feet up in the Himalayan Mountains.
Goats-of-Digar-La-On-A-High-Pass-In-the-Himalayas   ID#   385

Picture of a Tibetan woman winnowing barley high int the Himalayan Mountains. Women of Tibetan ancestry separate the barley grain from the chaff (winnowing) high in the Himalayan Mountains of Ladakh.
Tibetan-Women-Winnowing-Barley-In-The-Himalayas   ID#   384

Travel and adventure stock photo of Tibetan prayer flags high atop a Himalayan Moutain against a clear deep blue sky.Ladakh is a geo-political region in the himalayan Mountains in India. Ladakh borders Pakistan and Tibet.
Leh-Monastary-and-Tibetan-Prayer-Flags-In-the-Himalayan-Moutains   ID#   382

Picture of a Burmese fisherman on Inle lake taking in his net at sunset. Inle Lake is in Myanmar. A fisherman pulls in his net at sunset, Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma).
Inle-Lake-Fisherman-bringing-in-his-net-at-sunset-in-Myanmar   ID#   359