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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A man and a woman roll out a red carpet to illustrate the concept of service in this humorous picture. The background is white and the carpet is huge.
Rolling-Out-The-Red-Carpet-At-Your-Service   ID#   2046

An Hispanic couple stand together in a huge pile of money holding a rake and looking quite pleased. An attractive couple raking in a pile of money.
Raking-In-The-Piles-Of-Money-An-Hispanic-couple-stands-in-a-huge-pile-of-money-and-holding-a-rake   ID#   2024

Two hands reach towards each other, the Sun Flaring as they are about to touch in a concept stock photo about connection.
Two-Hands-Reach-Out-To-Each-Other-With-A-Sunflare-In-The-Background   ID#   2013

Three doctors together in an office look towards the camera. Picture of doctors in an office. Medical photos for advertising. The three doctors, a woman and two men, are all wearing white lab coats.
Team-of-Doctors-Posing-For-Portrait   ID#   2000

In the foreground a man on crutches waits while two doctors discuss his medical case. The man is facing away from the camera and is visible from the shoulders down.
Man-On-Crutches-   ID#   1998

A X-Ray lab technician and a woman doctor work together to diagnose an X-ray.  The woman doctor is African American, the man is Hispanic
Two-Doctors-Diagnose-An-X-Ray   ID#   1996

A physical therapist treats an Hispanic woman's knee in a medical clinic. Picture of physical therapy and knee diagnosis. Skilled medical personal in a modern up to date clinic.
Physical-Therapist-Working-On-A-Patient's-Knee   ID#   1994

A woman physical therapists works with a patient while a lab technician confers with another patient in the background. The patient has a yellow shirt, blue pants, and his head is resting on a white pillow.
Physical-Therapy-and-Medical-Consultation   ID#   1993

Two Hispanic or Mexican doctors stand in their offices and look to the camera. One is a woman doctor and the other is a man. They are wearing white lab coats and look serious.
Portrait-of-Two-Doctors   ID#   1991

Four executives, three women and one man, sit casually on the conference room table
Executives-Sitting-On-A-Conference-Table   ID#   1973

An African American woman and a Chinese American man seated on a Rapid Transit Car look happily towards the viewer. She is in a fur lined coat and he is in a smart looking suit.
Ethnic-Couple-On-Rapid-Transit-Train   ID#   1959

Lifestyle photo of an African American couple making breakfast together in their kitchen. They are happy and smiling and he is using a food processor to make orange juice drinks.
A-Couple-Preparing-Breakfast-Together   ID#   1956

A man and woman stand together in their garage before starting a home improvement project. This African American couple enjoy DIYS projects! Behind the couple on the wall is a classic pegboard with tools of all sorts hanging from the pegs.
Couple-Working-in-Their-Garage   ID#   1942

A businessman and a business woman sit on opposite sides of the world in a phone conversation. The man has a yellow background and the woman on the other side of the world has a green background.
Concept-Pictures-of-Global-Business-Commuications   ID#   1934

Photos of Rosie the Riveter as she rolls up her sleeve and flexes her bicept in preparation for working. She is wearing a red bandanna.
Rosie-the-Riveter-flexing-her-biceps   ID#   1907

Photos of friends driving a convertible car along a country road with speed and motion blur
Picture-of-three-friends-speeding-down-a-tree-lined-road-in-a-convertible-car   ID#   1860

Photos of a couple driving a convertible car with a cell phone and an open laptop computer. The man is driving and the woman passenger is using her laptop.
Couple-speeding-down-a-road-in-a-convertible-while-using-computer-technology   ID#   1859

A convertible driven by a successful Hispanic woman down a scenic road with a male friend who is on his cell phone in a Jaguar XKR convertible.
Woman-driving-a-convertible-down-a-country   ID#   1857

Photos of a man giving a woman a piggy back ride at sunset on the beach. The pair are happy and smiling and having loads of fun.
Man-giving-a-woman-a-piggy-back-ride-on-the-beach-at-sunset   ID#   1839

Photos of two volleyball players; one is setting the ball up while the other prepares to spike the ball. Men playing beach volleyball at sunset.
Teamwork-Volleyball-Players-Working-Together-To-Score-A-Point   ID#   1825

Woman spiking the volleyball into a block by opposing players. The woman who spiked the ball still has her hand at the top of the net. The opposing players are all up in the air arms and hands up high.
Picture-of-teammates-blocking-a-shot-during-a-volleyball-game   ID#   1823

Men playing volleyball, three men raise their hands up over the net as they jump to block a shot. Blocking a shot in a beach volleyball game. Teamwork in action.
Photo-of-men-playing-volleyball-and-working-together-to-block-a-shot   ID#   1822

Picture of a teenage girl giving her mother a piggback ride on a hawaiian beach with tropical blue green waters beckoning behind. Great vacation photos for travel.
Mother-and-daughter-playing-on-a-beach-in-Hawaii   ID#   1777

Elephant in the room being ignored during a business meeting. A group of three people are sitting and standing around the board room conference table and they are ignoring the elephant in the room.
An-Elephant-Is-In-the-Room-With-People-In-a-Business-Meeting   ID#   1695

Picture of two hands about to seal a deal with a handshake. Pictures of hands in motion towards a handshake.
Sealing-the-deal-a-handshake-finalizes-the-negotiation-and-agreement   ID#   1676

Middle aged hand holding an elderly person's hand, Tender loving care expressed through touch. Represents, human qualities like kindness, empathy, compassion, love and more.
One-Hand-Holding-Another   ID#   1640

Pictures of two businessmen out of focus talking in an impromtu meeting in a well lit office lobby highly blurred.
Men-In-An-Out-Of-Focus-Business-Meeting   ID#   1623

Photos of two men talking out-of-focus near the end of a hallway in an office building.
Business-meeting-shot-out-of-focus   ID#   1622

Pictures of an out-of-focus business meeting with folding chairs, tables and participants in those moments between the agenda points.
Business-meetings-shot-out-of-focus   ID#   1621

Photos of out-of-focus meeting with the participants making a connection and shaking hands. Background pictures. Abstract picture of two businessmen meeting in a hallway.
Business-Meeting-Out-of-focus   ID#   1620

Picture of an out of focus handshake symbolizing team work, connection and agreement: A unusual business handshake.
Men-Shaking-Hands-Team-Work-Agreement-and-Connection   ID#   1619

Pictures of complex gears in an interlocking puzzle of industrial fantasy offering a glimpse of the inner workings of industry.
Complex-Cluster-of-Gears   ID#   1613

An orchestra of laptops led by a conductor on a stage show leadership, networking, connection and teamwork.
Laptop-Orchestra-On-Stage-And-Led-By-A-Conductor   ID#   1574

Pictures of men dancing the can can on stage in business suits. The background is a dark maroon stage curtain. The men are wearing business suits and their arms are interlocked.
Can-Can-Business-Men   ID#   1556

Picture of businessmen performing a song and dance routine on stage in a parody of business presentations. A chorus line of businessmen performing on stage. The men are dancing.
Businessmen-Perform-a-Song-and-Dance-on-Stage   ID#   1554

Funny Picture of cheerleading poodles showing three miniature poodles jumping into the air in cheer leader costumes and waving pom poms.
Cheer-Leading-Poodles-with-Pom-Poms   ID#   1523

A man is pushing a woman up over his head with his hands under hers. These are circus acrobats and performers and they are married to each other.
Acrobatic-Performers-Doing-A-Handpress   ID#   1446

Pictures of flying trapeze artists caught just at the moment of the catch symbolizing teamwork, risk, co-operation and danger.
Trusting-Trapeze-Artist   ID#   1428

A couple faces into a storm in this concept stock showing teamwork, determination and togetherness. The storm clouds gather darkly behind them while his tie and her hair are whipped by the winds of change.
Couple-Facing-Into-A-Storm-Together   ID#   1353

Trapeze artists catching each other in a display of skill, Timing, teamwork and trust.
A-Flying-Trapeze-Catch-Circus-Performers-Display-Their-Skills-In-A-Stock-Photo   ID#   1262