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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A dancing party beagle holds his paws up in the air as he exhorts us to dance with him in this humorous stock photo and greeting card image.
Dancing-Party-Beagle   ID#   9301

A birthday chihuahua, this little guy has his mouth chock full of gifts and party favors...a party animal indeed!
Birthday-Chihuahua   ID#   9296

Funny cats decorate a dog with Christmas ornaments in this adorable Bloodhound stock photo.
Funny-Cats-Christmas-Decorating-A-Dog   ID#   8952

A cat and a dog build a snowman in this fun image created for a christmas greeting card and for stock photo licensing as well.
Cat-And-Dog-Building-A-Snowman   ID#   8830

A hlloween greeting card image, this photo features two dogs and two cats standing at the door in costume and ready for their treats.
Funny-Halloween-Pet-Photo   ID#   8829

Two dogs and a cat catch air as they sled donw a snowy slope and wearing Christmas finery in a humorous Christmas greeting card.
Christmas-Pets-Winter-Sledding   ID#   8828

An eager Chihuahua perches on the back of a couch with his mouth impossibly full of birthday gifts in a humorous pet photo for greeting cards and other uses.
Birthday-Chihuahua   ID#   8716

Funny-Bulldog-Christmas   ID#   8653

A bear wears a shocked expression as he looks out of the porta potty or outhouse that he has just been using in the woods in a humorous greeting card image.
Bear-Pooping-In-The-Woods-Outhouse   ID#   8636

A thanksgiving turkey peeks around a tree and holds up a white flag in a funny picture created for use on greeting cards and in advertisements.
Funny-Thanksgiving-Turkey-Surrendering   ID#   8623

A funny police line up of dogs photo features a bulldog wearing a party hat in a greeting card image created for Leanin Tree.
Funny-Police-Line-Up-Party-Dog   ID#   8616

In this funny greeting birthday greeting card image a Basset Hound is dressed as a butler and holds a silver tray with a birthday cake and lighted candles as he stands in a great hall.
Funny-Greeting-Card-Basset-Hound-Butler   ID#   8510

This funny police line up photo features four dogs and a cat one of which is doubtless the perpetrator of some heinous crime such as wrecking a home while the owner is at work!
Funny-Animal-Police-Line-Up   ID#   8408

In this funny dog photo a police line up features five potential canine criminals including an English Bulldog, a Whippet, a Mastiff, a Chihuahua and a Basset Hound.
Funny-Dog-Police-Line-Up   ID#   8407

A pig rides happily on a motorcycle down a long country highway with his scarf flowing in the wind in a funny hog on a hog photo and greeting card image.
Funny-Hog-On-A-Harley   ID#   7809

A funny, happy and fat cat has stuffed himself with Valentine Day chocolates from heart-shaped candy boxes in an image made for a humorous Valentine's card.
Valentine-Cat-With-Chocolates   ID#   7786

A Golden Retriever wears a Santa hat and has his mouth full of Christmas Ornaments in this funny dog xmas photo.
Golden-Retriever-With-Christmas-Ornaments   ID#   7758

This funny cat thinks he is the King of Beasts as he sits on a throne, wearing a crown and holding a scepter in his paw.
Cat-Sitting-On-A-Throne   ID#   7692

A dog (Beagle) and his girlfriend, a cat, embrace in front of a background of out of focus fall trees.
Funny-Dog-And-Cat-Couple   ID#   7683

Two dogs and two cats sing Christmas carols and offer a gift in this funny holiday pet picture featuring dogs and cats wearing xmas scarves, a Santa Hat, and some jingle bells.
Funny-Christmas-Caroling-Pets   ID#   7217

This funny dog picture, a Boxer as a Drill Sargent, was created as a humorous greeting card picture for Marian Heath Greeting Cards and is available as a stock photo.
Drill-Sargent-Dog-Wearing-A-Campaign-Hat-And-Dog-Tags   ID#   7159

Funny picture of a dog and cat riding a witch's broom in front of a full moon in a  humorous Halloween greeting card image.
Funny-Halloween-Pet-Picture   ID#   7153

Hilarious tabby with huge bulging cheeks stares with wide-eyed wonder into the camera in a funny cat photo.
Funny-Big-Cheeked-Kitty-Cat-Photographed-for-a-Greeting-Card   ID#   5639

A tabby cat has his cheeks puffed way out as he blows out a birthday candle from a cupcake in a funny cat photo.
Greeting-Card-Photo-Big-Cheeked-Tabby-Cat   ID#   5638

A funny cat, out clubbing, wearing shades, stands on a disco floor, beneath a disco ball and leaning on a boom box, and looks cool.
Cool-Cat-Clubbing-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   5632

A group of happy dogs throw their graduation caps up in the air in celebration.
Happy-Dogs-Celebrating-Graduation-In-A-Funny-Graduation-Greeting-Card   ID#   5570

Funny picture of a group of dogs tossing a Dachshund high in the air in celebration.
Daschund-Tossing!   ID#   5568

In this funny animal picture two cats and a Chihuahua lend new meaning to the term teamwork as they pilfer a birthday cake.
Raiding-Party!-Two-Cats-And-A-Chihuahua-Take-the-Cake!   ID#   5397

Three dogs, a cat and two kittens and a mouse decorate a house for Xmas in this funny, lol pet picture.
Christmas-Pets-Deocrating-a-House-with-Xmas-Lights-and-a-Wreath-For-A-Funny-Christmas-Card   ID#   5340

Three dogs and two cats join in a Christmas carol as snowflakes fall around them in this cute and funny Xmas picture.
Funny-and-Cute-Lol-Cats-and-Dogs-Christmas-Caroling-For-An-Xmas-Greeting-Card   ID#   5332

A group of dogs (Daschund, Ridgeback, Basset Hound, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Bulldog) celebrate with party hats, confetti, and by tossing each other into the air
Funny-Dog-Tossing-Each-Other-Into-The-Air-In-Celebration   ID#   5175

Two cats sit on a wall with their tales forming a heart shape to indicate their purrrfect love in this funny cat photo.
Two-Cats-Sit-on-a-Wall-with-Their-Tales-Forming-a-Heart   ID#   5136

Funny pet Stock photos and funny Halloween pictures of a Beagle dog and a cat carving pumpkins in a Kitchen. The cat is using a chainsaw.
Pumpkin-Carving-Pets-A-Cat-and-a-Beagle-Carve-Pumpkins-together-in-a-kitchen   ID#   968

Concept stock photo of a lion sitting on a throne wearing a crown and holding a sceptor as the noble and intimidating King of Beasts.
King-of-the-beasts-Lion-On-A-Throne-holding-a-Scepter-and-Wearing-a-Jeweled-Crown   ID#   962

A German Short Haired Pointer and an Orange Tabby drive a convertible with a Christmas tree in back in a funny animal picture.
Bringing-home-the-Christmas-tree-A-dog-and-cat-bring-home-an-xmas-tree-in-a-red-convertible-car   ID#   953

Pet Dogs and Cats (and a mouse) Trim a Christmas Tree during the holidaze! Funny animal picture of Decorating the halls at xmas.
An-Animal-Menagarie-Decorating-the-Christmas-tree-During-The-Holidays-As-A-Humorous-Xmas-Card-   ID#   939

Funny animal picture and stock photo of a dog hanging his head out the car window.
Wind-Head-Dog-A-German-Short-Haired-Pointer-Ears-Whipping-in-the-wind-holds-his-head-out-the-car-window   ID#   936

Funny cat pix of a cat with a canary feather sticking out of its smiling mouth. This was my first Animal Antics Greeting Card.
Picture-of-a-smiling-cat-with-a-Canary-feather-in-its-mouth   ID#   918

Funny animal stock photo of  a cute little Chihuahua with his mouth chock full of birthday gifts and party supplies.
Funny-dog-photo-of-a-Chihuahua-with-a-mouthful-of-gifts-and-party-favors   ID#   804

Funny animal stock picture of a lol cat blowing birthday candles out...and cake onto a dog's face. Funny pet pictures of cats abusing dogs.
A-Cat-Wears-A-Birthday-Hat-And-Blows-Out-The-Candles-On-A-Cake   ID#   795

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