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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Plug In and Connect: Super Slow Motion Video of a Power Cord Plugging In To A Wall Socket

A super slow motion video of a power cord entering the frame and plugging into a wall socket with a flash of sparks.
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Plugging In and Connecting

How do you quickly and dynamically show the concepts of plugging in and connecting in a short video? Our answer is in this super slow motion video in which a power cord weaves into the frame and plugs in to the wall socket in a flash of sparks. The video was captured at 1900 frames per second with a Phantom HD camera and the GVS 9000 hardware and software solution for the most effective use of the Phantom. With the GVS 9000 we were able to review our capture almost instantly and convert the files to Pro Res on the fly. What a time saver!

Videos Showing Connection, Plugging In To The Grid, and Even Solar Power

I suppose you could show hands shaking or some such over-used image to illustrate connection in a video presentation, but this unusual slow motion capture of a cord undulating snake-like into the socket, in a burst of sparks, is a much more dynamic and visually arresting image. It sticks with you. It is not a visual cliche' to which we have been exposed to the point that it no longer compels us. The framing lends itself well to the addition of type, and the video practically begs for a voice over. Whether the message is about connecting to social media, plugging in to the grid, or even adding solar power to your home, a vast range of communications can make use of this versatile and attention-grabbing clip.

Plugging In as Metaphor for Power, Green, Change and Action

As a call to action this video of a plug inserting into a socket excels. It is to the point, dynamic, brief and simple. There is a grace to the movement of the cord, and an unexpected jolt when the sparks dance out at the moment of connection. This super slo mo clip can work as a stand alone video, or be incorporated into other productions to add impact and clear messaging. The clip is ambiguous enough to work on many levels for many different communication needs, and yet can be very specific in terms of the concept of plugging in, connection, action and other high-demand themes. This video shows success, achievement, and completion. It can show networking, social media, energy, power and even deal with themes of conservation and going green.

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