john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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An ice cube angles into a glass of water creating a splash of liquid pouring out of the glass in a Super Slow Motion Video
Ice-Cube-Falling-Into-A-Glass-Of-Water-In-Ultra-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   3552

Ultra slow motion video of an ice cube falling into a glass of water
Falling-Ice-Cubes-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   3551

In ultra slow motion a Light Bulb explodes into flames, then drips fire
Slow-Motion-Video-of-Exploding-Light-Bulb-and-Dripping-Flame   ID#   3550

Super slow motion video clip of a dart bursting a water filled balloon
Ultra-Slow-Motion-Video-of-a-Dart-Bursting-A-Water-Balloon   ID#   3549

Coffee-Pouring-Into-A-Glass-Cup-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   3548

Funny-Video-of-Woman's-buttocks-being-snapped-by-a-towel-in-super-slow-motion   ID#   3546

Slow motion video of butane gas exploding into a fireball
Exploding-Fireball-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video   ID#   3545

Slow Motion Video of a woman's butt snapped by a towel and rippling in waves from the impact. Her flesh ripples in slow motion.
Womans-butt-snapped-by-a-towel   ID#   3544

Photo of a young asian girl wearing a pink sweater playing with a video game or notebook outdoors.  Blue sky green grass.
Asian-girl-looking-at-handheld-video-game-or-notebook-computer   ID#   3507

Asian boy avoiding homework with hand-held video game
Asian-boy-avoiding-homework-with-hand-held-video-game   ID#   3065

Asian family using laptop and hand-held video game in a modern upscale home stylish and decorated in a clean modern style.
Asian-family-using-laptop-and-hand-held-video-game   ID#   3064

Slow motion video featuring a frying pan of hot oil and popping popcorn kernels blasting up and out in a hiss of steam.
Popping-Popcorn-In-A-Frying-Pan-Of-Hot-Oil-Slo-Mo-Video   ID#   2946

Slow motion video with a Phantom HD camera showing popcorn being popped in a frying pan of hot oil
Popcorn-Popping-In-A-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2945

A woman's hands are seen shaking or flicking the water off in a slow motion stock video clip.
Flicking-Water-From-Your-Fingers-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video   ID#   2888

Woman's hands tossing up water in a super slow motion stock concept video clip
Slow-Motion-Water-Toss-Showing-Purity-Grace-Beauty-and-Water-Issues   ID#   2887

A woman's hands toss a splash of water against a black background in a super slow motion stock video clip
Splashing-Water-Tossed-By-A-Womans-Hands-In-A-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video-Clip   ID#   2886

Water is tossed up, sparkling against a black background, by a pair of hands, in a super slow motion stock video
Slow-Motion-Stock-Video-of-Hands-Tossing-Water-   ID#   2885

A pair of woman's hands rise up in the frame with water flowing out between her fingers in a slow motion video
A-Pair-Of-Cupped-Hands-Scoop-Up-And-Release-Water-In-An-Ultra-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video   ID#   2884

A dart slides through the air and strikes the center of a bullseye in a dartboard in this concept stock video clip
Hitting-the-Target-A-Dart-Hits-The-Bullseye-In-This-Slow-Motion-Video-For-Motion-Stock-Footage   ID#   2883

A super slow motion video of a dart hitting a perfect bulls eye in ultra slow motion stock footage
Game-Of-Darts-Slow-Motion-Video-Of-A-Dart-Hitting-The-Bullseye   ID#   2882

An ultra slow motion video of a dart hitting the bullseye of a dart board in a business, concept stock video
A-Dart-Hits-The-Bullseye-In-This-Slow-Motion-Concept-Stock-Video   ID#   2881

Healthy hair in a slow motion video as a woman runs her hands through her hair and tosses her head
Healthy-Lifestyle-Slow-Motion-Video-Of-A-Woman's-Hair-Sensuoulsy-Moving-Threw-the-Air   ID#   2880

Slow motion video of a woman tossing her hair
Woman-Tossing-Her-Hair-Captured-In-Ultra-Slow-Motion-Video-For-Stock-Footage   ID#   2879

Slow motion video of a woman's hair flowing in slow motion video.
Woman's-Hair-Undulating-In-Motion-In-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video-Footage   ID#   2878

Picture of a woman standing next to her wheelchair bound husband on the edge of a swimming pool. The older man is bald and his wife has short gray hair. Her hand is on his arm.
Mature-Woman-With-Disabled-Husband-In-Wheel-Chair   ID#   2847

Older woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair along side a swimming pool. The woman has gray hair and the man is bald. His hands are clasped together in his lap.
Senior-woman-pushing-husband-in-wheelchair   ID#   2846

Picture of an elderly man sitting in his wheelchair next to a swimming pool, reading a book. His wife with gray hair is standing behind him with her hands on his shoulders. The man is bald and wearing a white shirt.
Man-Reading-In-Wheelchair-Next-To-Swimming-Pool   ID#   2845

Picture of a mature senior couple with a webcam equipped laptop by the pool. The older woman with gray hair is standing behind the seated man who has a laptop in his lap. The couple are happy and smiling.
Senior-Couple-Using-Laptop-With-Webcam-and-Headset   ID#   2843

Water drops hit hot oil in this slow motion video that begins slowly but turns into a mesmerizing visual experience
Water-Drops-Exploding-In-Hot-Oil-In-A-Super-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2663

A mans hand opens a soda can by pulling off the Pull Tab in this ultras slow motion stock video about refreshment etc.,
Pop-Top-Beverage-Can-Being-Opened-In-A-Slow-Motion-Video-Capture   ID#   2662

Slow motion video of a soda can being opened with spray and foam
Opening-Pop-Top-Beverage-Can-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2642

A Glass of red wine falls to the floor and shatters in a cloud of broken glass and red wine in this slow motion stock video
Wine-Glass-Breaking-On-Floor-Video-Clip   ID#   2618

A Stack of money is blowing away in this slow motion video shot with a Phantom HD camera at 1000 frames per second
Blow-Your-Money-Slow-Motion-Video-Clip   ID#   2534

Slow motion video of a stack of one dollar bills blowing away in a concept motion stock production
Money-Stack-Blowing-Away-One-Dollar-Bill-At-A-Time   ID#   2533

A gold South African Krugerrand Coin spins in slow motion on a marble surface in this stock video
Gold-Krugerand-Coin-Spinning-In-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2464

Picture of a mixed race woman with big curly hair, looking through video camera on dirt road with convertible in the background. The woman is a video enthusiast on a vacation adventure in the desert. Bright pink patterned blouse.
Woman-looking-through-video-camera-on-dirt-road   ID#   2336

Stock video clip of a cat landing on his feet in super slow motion shot at 1000 frames per second with a Phantom HD camera
Cat-Landing-On-His-Feet-Super-Slow-Motion-Video-Clip   ID#   2305

A white cat lands from a jump in a super slow motion video clip
Cat-Landing-From-A-Jump-Captured-In-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2295

Mixed race woman with a video camera on the side of a dirt road with a white car in background. The woman is wearing a fedora type hat and holding a large professional video camera on her shoulder.
Woman-with-video-camera-on-dirt-roadside   ID#   2219

Phantom HD Capture of sparks moving towards the camera in super slow motion video motion footage.
Sparks-Streaming-Towards-The-Camera-In-Super-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2176