john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Unusual funny photo of an African American woman racing on an invisible bicycle, an indication of lacking the proper equipment and resources to succeed.
Woman-Riding-an-Invisible-Bicycle   ID#   1928

Concept photo of a man wearing a crash helmet and using a computer as a racing flag indicates a winning finish
A-man-as-fast-as-a-computer-with-a-racing-flag-waving-and-wearing-a-crash-helmet-   ID#   1926

Photos of an Asian American businessman with cracks in his glasses. The broken spectacles illustrate a lack of vision and clarity.
Business-man-with-cracked-eye-glasses   ID#   1853

Man juggling a number of hats including a chef's hat, a cowboy hat, hard hat, police cap and more. A man of many hats.
Picture-of-a-man-juggling-many-hats   ID#   1851

Photos of an Asian American business man in trouble as he climbs a ladder but reaches the challenge of missing rungs. The ladder is so tall that the man is well above the clouds.
Picture-of-a-business-man-climbing-a-ladder-high-above-the-clouds-and-encountering-missing-rungs   ID#   1850

A business man holdinig his breath until he turns blue indicating childish behavior and petty display of emotions.
Man-holding-his-breath-until-he-turns-blue   ID#   1848

Stock photo: a combination of different people and ethnic make-ups creating the modern composite man, the man of the future.
Portrait-Collage-of-six-different-people-Creating-an-Ethnic-Sterotype   ID#   1843

Pictures of a drum major high-stepping down an empty highway that stretches into the distant horizon in Arizona.
A-drum-major-on-a-long-march-with-no-band-members-following-him   ID#   1782

Pictures of a woman hanging at the end of her rope with New York City in the background.
Woman-at-the-end-of-her-rope-   ID#   1649

Photos of a woman wearing nothing but a barrel, an iconic American symbol for having lost everything right down to the clothes on our back.
Nude-woman-wears-a-barrel   ID#   1646

Pictures of a picnic on the freeway showing danger, Risk and the bizarre as a couple sits on a blanket amid speeding traffic and cars.
Freeway-Picnic-Oblivious-To-The-Danger-And-The-World   ID#   1628

A businessman and business woman are working at a desk in the middle of a busy freeway. Cars are zipping by at high speed, causing the woman's hair to blow and papers to fly off of the desk.
Business-in-the-Fast-Lane   ID#   1627

Man and a woman are relaxing on a couch in the middle of a busy highway or freeway with cars rushing by at high speed.  The man and woman are watching a large flat screen TV.
Couple-Sitting-On-Sofa-On-Freeway   ID#   1626

Pictures of a baby in diapers standing alone on a freeway showing risk and danger, parenting issues and political hot potatoes. Photo of a kid on the freeway.
Toddler-on-the-freeway-in-a-frightening-depiction-of-a-dangerous-situation   ID#   1625

Pictures of a business man bicycling on the freeway with cars speeding by. The man riding a bike on the freeway is wearing a business suit and a red necktie, and he is in the fast lane.
Cycling-on-the-Freeway   ID#   1624

Picture of melting clocks, hour glasses, sundials and time pieces all distorted and wavy. Time is melting or drifting or even slipping away.
Time-Drifts-Away   ID#   1533

Funny looking people; a man with his head exploding from too much information, and too much everything. The top of his head has disappeared in a ball of orange and yellow fire and flames.
Man's-Head-Exploding-In-Fire-and-Flames   ID#   1529

Picture of a school of fish shaped like a bigger fish. Rays of light penetrate down through the surface of the deep blue water.
Funny-School-of-Fish-Looks-Like-a-Shark   ID#   1521

Picture of an elephant riding a unicycle down a long, empty desert road symbolizing freedom, journies and adventure. The elephant is viewed from the rear. The road has a single yellow line down the center, and a solid white line on each shoulder.
Elephant-On-A-Unicycle-Traveling-Pachyderm   ID#   1511

Picture of a human figure in the future appearing as a hologram deep inside computer circuitry for science and science fiction uses.
A-human-Figure-Appears-In-the-Midst-of-Computer-Circuitry-In-A-Futuristic-Photo   ID#   1445

Picture of an Asian woman's face surrounded by scaffolding as though her face is under construction with thousands of tiny workers.
Woman's-Face-Surrounded-By-Scaffolding   ID#   1438

Funny pictures of an elephant waiting for an elevator in an office building. This elephant is on his way up! Stainless steel elevator doors.
An-Elephant-Stands-Waiting-in-Front-of-an-Elevator-   ID#   1419

Monkey on your photo: Picture of a baboon perched on the shoulders of a businessman at a computer in his cubicle.
Monkey-on-your-back-A-Monkey-Sits-on-the-Back-of-a-Man-in-His-office-Cubicle   ID#   1391

Monkey on a business man. Actually this is a baboon on a businessman's back. Picture of a monkey on your back.
A-Businessman-Stands-While-A-Monkey-In-turn-Stands-On-His-Back   ID#   1390

A fireman fighting a fire with fire. In this picture a fire hose is shooting out flames and fire.
Fighting-fire-with-fire-A-Fireman-Handles-A-Fire-Hose-Shooting-Out-Flames   ID#   1320

Picture of a bald man with electronic circuit board traces on his head... a human circuit board.  White background with man viewed from behind.
Bald-Head-With-Circuit-Board-Traces-Artificial-Intelligence   ID#   1301

Funny pictures of elephants: An elephant hides in a tree at sunset, but is clearly visible!
Elephant-Tree-An-elephant-Hides-in-a-Tree-at-Sunset   ID#   1252

Funny animal and stock photo of an elephant walking upright (anthropomorphic) on a tightrope demonstrating unexpected skill, agility and balance.
Elephant-Tightrope-An-Elephant-Walks-On-A-tighrope-Holding-A-balancing-Pole   ID#   1241

Picture of wine glasses breaking during an overly enthusiastic toast.
Breaking-Wine-Glasses   ID#   1186

Picture of a Jack Russel terrier getting a facial at a luxury spa resort hotel. The Jack Russel is on a pink towel. This is a greeting card.
Spa-Dog-Spa-Pictures-A-Jack-Russell-Terrier-wears-cucumbers-over-its-face-along-with-a-facial   ID#   944

Picture of a Sumo Wrestler as a Trapeze Artist showing teamwork, challenge, adversity and the impossible with drama, impact and humor. A huge sumo wrestler is about to be caught, or not, by a flying trapeze artist. Sumo wrestler pics.
Sumo-Trapeze-challenge-and-Teamwork   ID#   866

Picture of a strong, muscular body behind scaffolding showing transition and self-improvement and transformation. Picture of a mans torso in scafolding.
A-muscular-body-is-surrounded-by-a-scaffolding-symbolizing-transformation-and-self-improvement   ID#   856

Open elevator doors reveal a high altitude scene some 30,000 feet high in this concept stock photo. Pictures of a space elevator. The interior of the elevator is stainless steel.
Elevator-at-altitude-Through-the-open-elelvator-doors-we-see-that-we-are-at-a-very-high-altituded!   ID#   817

Cose up photo of a cow's udder. One of our funny cow images, part of a series featuring Holstein cattle. The camera is right up close tight on a dairy cow's full bulging udder. Time for milking has arrived.
Dairy-Cow-Udder-Funny-Rear-End-View-of-a-Holstein-Cow's-Udder-Ready-for-Milking   ID#   730

Low angle view of a milk cow's under from underneath with a lightly clouded sky and a green grass-covered hill in the background.
A-Milk-Cow's-udder-photographed-from-underneath-for-a-most-interesting-view-of-a-bovine-body   ID#   727

Concept stock photo of a man pushing a huge boulder up a steep hill like Sisyphus, the greek God with an endless and pointless task.
Boulder-Push-A-Business-Man-Pushing-a-Boulder-Up-a-Steep-Hill-in-Sisyphusian-Effort-to-do-the-impossible   ID#   714

An elephant is hiding in a large tree with green leaves and a dark blue cloudless sky in an image inspried by elephant jokes.
Elephant-Hiding-in-a-Treea-visual-elephant-joke   ID#   656

Pictures of dogs in funny situations; three dogs look at the viewer with expressions of wonder and curiosity.  Beagle, a Wiemaraner, and a Bloodhound with a look of Amazment on their faces.
Wondering-dogs-Picture-Beagle-Bloodhound-and-a-Weimaraner-Stare-at-The-Camera-in-Astonishment   ID#   365