john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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This image contrasts wet and dry, abundance and scarcity and solid and liquid by showing dry cracked earth along side water with rippling lights.
Dry-Cracked-Earth-And-Water-Contrast   ID#   8342

The planet earth is seen as a bomb, with a lit fuse, floating in space and surrounded by stars in this concept stock photo about the environmental dangers facing our home planet.
World-Bomb-And-Environmental-Dangers   ID#   8318

A long straight road stretches in to the distance towards a sunset, and beneath a green stop light in a visual metaphor for opportunity, possibilities and the way forward to the future and success.
The-Long-Road-And-A-Green-Light   ID#   8273

A butler holds up a silver tray with a
Butler-Offering-A-"Green"-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8207

In a beautiful high altitude cloudscape at sunset a green stoplight indicates it is all
Green-Light-For-Cloud-Computing   ID#   8188

A piggy bank is filled with the image of a redwood forest in a metaphorical image about green investment.
Piggy-Banks-And-Green-Investment   ID#   8168

A hand holds up a piggy bank in which the earth can be seen within in an image representing green investment, world finance, and the Global Economy.
Green-Investing-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8161

A white horse gallops across a grassy plain before distant mountains and under a summer sky studded with white fluffy clouds in an image about vitality, freedom, speed and motion.
Galloping-White-Horse   ID#   8139

An energy saving
Energy-Saving-Bulb-Within-A-Tungsten-Bulb   ID#   8123

A pair of hands cradle a section of rain forest in an image about environmental issues, ecology and responsible custodianship of our natural resources.
Rainforest-Cradled-In-Hands   ID#   8023

A funnel cloud or tornado of streaking lights swirls across a black background in an eye-grabbing image showcasing the RGB colors of red, blue and green to illustrate color issues, speed and motion.
Light-Storm   ID#   7982

Hands cup a waterfall in an image about sustainability, conservation, ecology and water issues including the problem of scarcity and the promise of purity.
Hands-Cup-A-Waterfall-In-An-Image-About-Sustainabilty   ID#   7958

A young spotted fawn stands in a lush garden in an image depicting innocence, nature, purity and peace.
Deer-(Fawn)-In-The-Garden   ID#   7944

Three business executives stand in an upscale corporate reception area with their heads in a cloud in an image about cloud computing and possibly a lack of understanding.
Executives-With-Heads-In-The-Cloud   ID#   7941

Urgent environmental business issues are the topic of this photo-montage combining a stop watch, a business meeting, an urban skyline and belching smokestacks.
Urgent-Environmental-Business-Issues   ID#   7940

An African American businesswoman stands in a forest, her body semi-translucent, in a photo about environmental issues, responsible ecological custodianship, and green business.
Eco-Businesswoman   ID#   7915

A CFL energy savings light bulb, with a world map on it, is held up in front of the sun against a blue summer sky in an image about global energy issues, creativity and ideas.
Global-Energy-Savings-Creativity-And-Ideas   ID#   7807

An urban eco encounter, the merging of nature and technical progress, the thin line between modern progress and the destruction of nature.
Eco-Urban-Encounter   ID#   7790

A vibrant metropolis intersects with nature's verdant and lush greenery in an image featuring a symbiotic agreement symbolized by two hands about to clasp in a handshake.
Urban-Eco-Symbiotic-Merge   ID#   7789

In this photo a map of the world is filled with shimmering water in an image to illustrate issues around dealing with world water supplies.
The-World-And-Water   ID#   7788

This photo has been created from over two hundred sets of eyes creating a veritable
Wall-Of-Eyes-Watching   ID#   7787

A house sits atop a mountain of garbage with a trail of smoke emerging from it's chimney in a photo about environmental issues.
House-Perched-On-A-Mountain-Of-Garbage   ID#   7759

A towering mountain of garbage rises up through the clouds as an egret flies by in the foreground in an image for illustrating environmental issues.
Mountain-of-Garbage   ID#   7757

In this photo a green piggy bank survives a hammer strike and it is the hammer that shatters into pieces symbolizing strong savings strategies.
Piggy-Bank-Survives-A-Hammer-Strike   ID#   7710

In this back to nature photograph a young business woman in a city scene peels back the buildings to reveal a forest and nature.
Back-To-Nature   ID#   7699

A woman looks inquiringly at the camera as she pauses in a busy shopping mall while holding a green credit card.
Woman-With-Green-Credit-Card-In-Shopping-Mall   ID#   7673

Photo of a green home sitting on top of a huge pile of money in the form of a mountain of dollars.
A-Green-Home-Saves-Money   ID#   7670

In this photo with a twist, a hammer shatters against a piggy bank indicating secure savings and a smart investment.
A-Hammer-Breaks-Instead-Of-The-Piggy-Bank!   ID#   7649

Picture of a businessman leaping into the air with limbs askew.  The man is several feet off the ground with arms and legs all spread out and necktie flying. The ground is covered with lush green grass.
Leaping-Man-In-Mid-Air   ID#   7582

A gorilla sits at the head of the board room table in this funny gorilla picture depicting the power of a corporate CEO or chairman of the board.
Gorilla-In-The-Board-Room   ID#   7547

Summertime picture of a young boy with a tiny little green frog crawling around on his neck. He is happy about the whole thing. Boy is of mixed race heritage.
Close-Up-of-Tiny-Green-Frog-On-Young-Boys-Neck   ID#   7536

A yellow lawn sprinkler is spraying water from its three nozzles watering the lawn. The sprinkler has a garden hose attached that is blue. Lush green grass.
Lawn-Sprinkler-Watering-Yard   ID#   7474

An elephant stands on a stump and waves a flag with his trunk in a picture representing patriotism, the republican party and politicians on the stump.
A-Flag-Waving-Republican-Politician-Elephant-On-The-Stump   ID#   7437

An African American businessman stands in a meeting room and uses a green dry marker to chart an upward path of growth and success.
Charting-Growth-And-Business-Success   ID#   7417

A CFL or Florescent light bulb is shaped like a dollar sign indicating money and energy saving ideas in this stock picture.
Money-And-Energy-Saving-Ideas   ID#   7294

Picture shot from behind, a young couple is reading a road map on a single lane dirt road surrounded by a grass covered field with grass between the wheel ruts of the rural country dirt road.
Man-and-Woman-Reading-Map   ID#   7261

A young adventureous couple are sitting in the grass in the middle of a dirt road studying a map they have spread out on the ground in front of them. Road trip pics.
Young-Couple-Sitting-On-Dirt-Road-Reading-a-Map   ID#   7260

Picture of a lone Oak tree surviving in a drought stricken environment of a vast parched, dry, and cracked expanse of earth in deperate need of water.
An-Oak-Tree-And-A-Drought   ID#   7059

Picture of a green life preserver, or life ring, flying out over parched, cracked and dry earth in a stock photo illustrating environmental issues.
Environmental-Rescue-Going-Green   ID#   7031

An office worker is standing in green grass with no shoes on... he is barefoot.  Barefoot businessman wearing a tie, dress shirt, and slacks but no shoes is standing on some grass and holding his pants cuffs up off of the damp grass.
Office-Employee-Standing-Barefoot-In-Lush-Green-Grass   ID#   6826