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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A Native American Indian woman with solar panels behind her in the background. The woman has short dark hair and a slight smile. She is looking at the camera and she is sharing the image with a solar panel array.
Close-Up-of-Native-American-Indian-Woman's-Face-With-Solar-Panels-in-the-Background   ID#   2358

A happy smiling American Indian woman and solar panels in an environmental picture representing ecology, green living, renewable energy and living responsibly to protect the environment.
Environmental-Stock-Photo-of-a-Native-American-Woman-With-Solar-Energy-Panels   ID#   2357

Native American woman carrying a garbage bag past solar panels in a blur. The woman is walking rapidly and is blurry from the motion. The woman, dressed in blue jeans,a green sweater, and a straw hat is walking past an array of solar panels.
Woman-walking-and-carrying-garbage-bag-past-solar-panels   ID#   2356

Smiling Native American woman doing yard work wearing a straw hat and in the background a house with trees. The woman is holding a rake or hoe handle and she is wearing blue jeans. Sliver of solar panels visible on the right side of the image.
Woman-doing-yard-work   ID#   2355

Native American woman standing near solar panels wearing a straw hat. The pretty ethnic woman is looking up with a big smile. She is wearing a floppy straw hat. Behind her are a set of solar panels.
Woman-standing-near-solar-panels   ID#   2354

Picture of a Native American woman with a bicycle standing with arms crossed, smiling near solar panels. Behind the woman are tall pine trees and blue sky along with a building of some sort.
Woman-with-bicycle-near-solar-panels   ID#   2338

A Native American woman riding a bicycle with solar panels visible behind her. The woman has a straw hat to protect her from the sun and she is wearing a green sweat shirt and riding gloves.
Woman-on-bicycle-near-solar-panels-Native-Americans   ID#   2337

Picture of a woman talking on a phone in her cafe. The ethnic woman is a Latina or Hispanic and she is wearing a white blouse. On the counter of her cafe are miniature galvanized buckets that are filled with long green grass.
Woman-talking-on-telephone-in-cafe   ID#   2316

Picture of a strong confident ethnic woman small business owner standing in her cafe with her arms crossed. The cafe owner is wearing a white blouse and eye glasses. Her dark hair is pulled back.
Small-business-owner-standing-in-cafe   ID#   2315

A middle aged man with arms outstretched between wooden poles with lots of greenery in the background. The man is a self-made small business owner and a successful one at that.
Happy-Small-Business-Owner-of-a-Garden-Nusery   ID#   2229

A businessman is seen from behind as he faces numerous red lights and one green light. Black man waiting for the light to change at a crosswalk.
African-American-Businessman-With-A-Green-Light-In-Front-   ID#   2172

Futuristic City - Looking through rain forest vegetation we city the modern highrises of a futuristic city. Science fiction photo.
Picture-of-A-Future-City-Springing-Up-From-The-Jungle-Vegetation   ID#   2156

An African American business executive stands in a forest looking upwards and contemplating environmental issues. The man is dressed in a smart business suit with his arms folded across his chest.
Executive-Contemplating-In-A-Redwood-Forrest   ID#   2140

Picture of Energy Research and Development. A woman scientist holds up a beaker with a controlled explosion (cold fusion?) inside indicating experimental renewable energy sources. Energy research pics.
Female-Scientist-Holding-Up-a-Flask-Renewable-Energy-Research-In-A-Lab-   ID#   2074

A hand reaches out as if to grasp the sun in this concept stock picture about alternative energy and solar power for advertising and editorial use. Green energy and renewable energy pictures for advertising.
Hand-Gesture-Indicating-Solar-Energy-Holding-the-Sun-In-His-Fingers   ID#   2020

A child's hands hold a potted seedling ready to plant. Picture of young hands cupping a tiny plant ready for planting. Pictures of green acts by people.
Young-Hands-Holding-a-Seedling-Green-Environmental-Picture   ID#   2019

A man is holding a watering can and standing on green grass symbolizing environmental issues. The man has on blue jeans and a t-shirt with white sneakers.
Holding-A-Watering-Can-On-Green-Grass-   ID#   1989

An Hispanic man and woman lay in the grass together near the woods. He is wearing a blue coat and she is wearing a red one. Behind them in the background you can see the trees of the forest.
Romantic-Couple-Outdoors-Laying-In-Thick-Grass   ID#   1939

Picture of a green thumb on an upraised hand. In the backround of this stock photo are out of focus flowers and vegetation in a garden. Hand giving a
Green-Thumb   ID#   1911

Stock photo: a combination of different people and ethnic make-ups creating the modern composite man, the man of the future.
Portrait-Collage-of-six-different-people-Creating-an-Ethnic-Sterotype   ID#   1843

A man holding a volleyball under his left arm with a serious look of concentration and determination on his face. The volleyball player is wearing a blue jersey an a net is visible behind him.
Pictures-of-a-man-contemplating-while-holding-a-volleyball   ID#   1836

Beautiful picture of palm trees along a tropical beach in the tropics. A green manicured lawn leads us to a pristine beach in this picture.
Tropical-Beach-Scene-with-Palm-Trees-and-a-Green-Manicured-Lawn   ID#   1690

Picture of a line of wind mills on top of a green, grass covered hill side for clean renewable energy. Wind Power Harnessed.
Wind-Power-II-A-wind-farm   ID#   1688

Wind turbines on a green, grassy hillside. Wind power, renewable energy, wind farm. Towering windmills producing electricity on a rolling green hillside against a clear blue sky.
Wind-Power-Illustratred   ID#   1687

Businessman in contemplation super imposed upon a redwood forest. Picture of environmental responsibility.
Green-Thoughts-From-A-Business-Executive   ID#   1678

Small dog leading a pack of larger dogs: Leader of the pack running with the big dogs. The dog in front is a Jack Russell Terrier.
Leader-of-the-Pack-a-Jack-Rusell-Terrier-is-running-with-the-big-dogs   ID#   1675

Green and blue light trails of arcs and swirls form an intricate abstract pattern indicative of technology, sience and medicine
Green-and-blue-light-trails-   ID#   1661

Photos of a golf course green in an impossible to reach location high atop a rock formation on the ocean beach.
A-Golf-Course-Green-Perched-High-On-A-Cliff-The-Impossible-Green   ID#   1637

Picture of a eco superhero with a man ripping open his shirt to reveal a spandex costume with a recycling symbol on his chest.
Recycle-Man-A-Man-Tears-Open-His-Shirt-Revealing-His-Recycling-Symbol   ID#   1572

Picture of bowling balls, green,pink,orange,and gold. A human hand is picking up the gold colored ball.
Bowling-Balls-in-Many-Colors-in-the-Ball-Return-Rack   ID#   1449

Picture of a plant in a desk drawer being watered by a galvanized metal watering can held by a human hand.
Green-Plant-in-Office-Desk-Drawer   ID#   1424

Picture of a leafy vine growing out of the big bottom right-hand desk drawer. A black wire frame waste basket sits to the right of the office plant.
Green-Plant-Growing-Out-of-Desk-Drawer   ID#   1423

Two sunflower plant blossoms being illuminated with sunlight. Sunflowers have very sharp spines on the leaves.
Safflower-Plant-in-Bloom   ID#   1413

Picture of a pair of cupped hands holding a plant seedling over some dry cracked earth that looks like the water in a lake dried up leaving dry cracked mud.
Pair-of-Hands-Holding-Seedling-Over-Dry-Cracked-Earth   ID#   1412

A bunch of green grapes surrounded by vines and leaves.
Beautiful-Big-Bunch-of-Grapes   ID#   1405

Bunch of  green grapes
Grapes-Ripe-Lucious-and-Green   ID#   1404

Man with a big idea and creative epiphany symbolized by a light bulb over his head. The black man is seated at a desk with a computer in front of him and a lighted light bulb over his head.
African-American-Man-with-Light-Bulb-Glowing-Over-His-Head   ID#   1356

Beautiful ripe green shiny bell pepper on a white background. Rear most part of pepper is out of focus.
A-Single-Green-Bell-Pepper   ID#   1346

Bell Pepper Stock Photo Still Life. One beautiful red bell pepper leaning on a green bell pepper. Delicious fresh vegetables.
Bell-Peppers   ID#   1343

A full frame of gorgeous basil leaves clean and green. Basil is often referred to as the
Beautiful-Basil-Leaves   ID#   1336