john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A happy couple standing under a large blue and white umbrella in a rain storm. The couple is wearing yellow rain gear and standing on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. Couple having fun in the rain.
Couple-under-umbrella-in-the-rain-and-on-a-cliff   ID#   2598

Hispanic couple in rain gear hugging. The couple is facing the camera and smiling. They have their heads pressed together. Green hill side and cloudy sky form their backdrop. Couple in the rain and in love.
Hispanic-couple-in-rain-gear-hugging   ID#   2596

Picture of a young romantic couple sitting alone in an empty theater.  He has his arm around her and they are holding hands and softly talking to one another face to face.
Romantic-Couple-Sitting-In-Empty-Theater   ID#   2575

A young couple are sitting in theater seats in an empty theater. They are holding hands and his arm is around her shoulders. They are looking at each other and they might be about to kiss.
Young-Romantic-Couple-Alone-In-Theater   ID#   2574

Mother and her daughter happy and smiling and laying together facing the camera on a bed.  Big window to outdoors behind them. Long black hair.  Hispanic mom spending quality time with her young daughter.
Mother-and-daughter-laying-on-bed-smiling   ID#   2506

Photo of a mother and her young daugher sitting on a stairway indoors and hugging. Mom has long black hair and an orange blouse with blue jeans. Family picture.
Mother-and-daughter-hugging-on-stairs-indoors   ID#   2505

Portrait of a mother and her adult daughter standing together happing smiling. Pink colored clothing, long black hair, and a wood deck against a white wall.
Hispanic-mother-and-adult-daughter-smiling-outdoors   ID#   2504

Portrait of a couple hugging next to plant covered wall outdoors. She has a flow pring skirt and a brown blouse on, and He has blue jeans and they are smiling and happy.
Couple-hugging-next-to-plant-covered-wall-outdoors   ID#   2503

Photo of a swarthy masculine hispanic man pouring his girlfriend a glass of Champagne in celebration of something. The sun is setting over this romantic scene taking place on a roof top in a large city.
Swarthy-Hispanic-Man-Pouring-Champagne-For-His-Girlfriend   ID#   2429

Romantic picture of a happy smiling hispanic man pouring champagne into a glass for his happy smiling ethnic girlfriend
Hispanic-Man-Pouring-Champagne-For-His-Girlfriend   ID#   2428

Romantic picture of a couple drinking champagne high up on the roof top of a building, outdoors, with a sunset in the background. Endless city buildings in the background.
Hispanic-Couple-Drinking-Champagne-On-A-Rooftop   ID#   2427

Hispanic couple toasting with champagne with a beautiful sunset in the background. This loving Latino couple are celebrating with a romantic champagne toast to their love.
Couple-toasting-with-champagne   ID#   2426

African American family, father and children, sitting on sofa having a good time watching a TV show. The father has his tiny cute little girl on his lap and his son is sitting next to him on the sofa.
Father-and-Children-Watching-TV-Together   ID#   2423

Family stock photo of a happy smiling African American father playing with his son on the sofa. The man is bald and the boy is laughing and smiling.
African-American-Father-Playing-With-Son   ID#   2421

An African American father tickling his son who is laughing. Father is laughing and smiling and he is wearing a long sleeved blue shirt. The kid is laying on his side on the sofa with his arms crossed in front.
Father-Tickling-Son-on-Sofa-AT-Home   ID#   2420

An African American father reading a book with his son on the sofa.  The young boy with lots of curly hair is reading the book and sitting close to his dad. The father, a handsome black man, is holding the book and helping his son read.
A-Father-And-Son-Reading-Together   ID#   2419

African American father and son sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Dad is asleep on the sofa and his son is laying on his back with his head on his dads lap.
Father-and-son-asleep-on-the-sofa   ID#   2418

A Happy smiling African American father is holding his tiny baby daughter in his arms with her head against his cheek. The dad is a handsome bald black man. He is standing in front of large windows.
Typical-Loving-Father-Holding-His-Baby-Daughter   ID#   2416

Picture of a family relaxing at home, mom on sofa, son on fathers shoulders. Cloudy blue sky can be seen through sliding glass doors. The father and his young son are outside on the rear deck.  The boy is on his fathers shoulders.
Average-American-Family-Relaxing-at-Home   ID#   2414

Mother is inside watching her husband and child playing on the deck outside. She is laying on a sofa and dad is out on the deck with his kid sitting on his shoulders. Loving caring parents living a wonderful life.  Partly cloudy sky in the background.
African-American-mother-watching-father-and-son-on-deck   ID#   2413

Portrait of a happy smiling African American couple outdoors with hills and cloudy sky in the background. Both the man and the woman are smiling at the camera. The man is a handsome bald black man.
Close-Up-Portrait-of-African-American-Couple   ID#   2412

A family relaxing and having fun on the back porch deck of the beach front vacation home. Mom and dad and daughter smiling and happy. Their little girl is laying across her parents laps. Mother is barefoot and dad is bald.
Family-Playing-On-Porch-Deck   ID#   2411

Black mom and dad with young daughter and baby in a stroller walking in the park. The father is bald and wearing a shoulder bag, his wife has shoulder length hair and a blue vest, and the little girl has pigtails and a rainbow colored scarf.
Family-Posing-For-Picture-In-Park-With-Stroller-   ID#   2410

An African American father asleep on the sofa with his son sleeping with his sons head in his lap.The sleeping dad has on a blue shirt and his son has a pink shirt on.
African-American-Father-and-Son-Sleeping   ID#   2409

Picture of an African American family taking a walk outside. Mom and Dad pushing a stroller with a baby and a youngster running on ahead. The youngster is a cute little girl with pig tails and a colorful scarf.
Family-Taking-a-Walk-Through-The-Park   ID#   2408

Family relaxing, reading, and having fun at home. Typical all american family. Mom and dad are on the bed and their young daughter is reading a story from a book she is holding.  The mother is playing with her braids.
Typical-American-Family-Relaxing-in-Bedroom   ID#   2407

Picture of a typical African American family at home having family time, reading and happy and smiling.The kids are sitting on the hardwood floor and the parents are sitting above them on the bed.
Typical-African-American-Family-Relaxing-In-The-Bedroom   ID#   2406

Photo of an African American family all sitting in a group on the bed at home.  White bedding, hardwood floor, window, blue wall, three children, happy smiling. African American family portrait.
Family-Sitting-On-Bed-At-Home   ID#   2405

Picture of an African American father playing with his baby on the bed. He's holding his young daughter with pigtails up in the air. Happy and smiling.
Father-Playing-With-His-Baby   ID#   2404

Picture of an African American mother smiling at and playing with her baby who is in her lap and she is sitting on her bed at home. The baby girl has pigtails. Both mother and daughter are wearing blue clothing.
Mother-Playing-With-Her-Baby   ID#   2403

An ethnic African American mother sitting on her bed and holding her cute baby daughter. Both are looking at the camera and smiling. The baby girls mother is wearing white and blue and has shoulder length hair.
Mother-Holding-Her-Baby-Girl-At-Home   ID#   2402

An african american father with his two children, a boy and a girl smiling and happy at the front door of their home.
Father-With-His-Two-Children-Outside-of-Their-House   ID#   2399

Picture of a happy smiling african american family standing on their porch with dad holding the baby. The family consists of a mother, a father, and two children. One child is a toddler and one a pre-teen.
American-Family-Standing-On-Porch   ID#   2396

Picture of an African American couple having fun with their little baby in a stroller as they leave tha walk. The mother is kneeling down talking to the baby and her purse is strung over her shoulder. eir home for
Family-Taking-Baby-For-A-Walk-In-Stroller   ID#   2395

A married couple strolls from their home arm in arm with dad pushing a baby stroller. Lifestyle and leisure stock photo. The couple is leaving the front of their home on a leisurely walk.
African-American-Parents-On-An-Outing-With-Their-Baby   ID#   2394

Happy father smiling at his baby in a stroller on the wood deck outside the front door of his home. The father is black and bald and wearing a dark coat. He is smiling and interacting with his young baby daughter in the stroller.
Father-Smiling-at-Baby-in-Stroller   ID#   2393

A black father pushing his young child in a stroller outside of his home. He is happy, smiling, and gazing upward. Picture of a father enjoying domestic life, taking his family for a walk.
Father-Pushing-Baby-In-Stoller   ID#   2392

Two black parents with their baby in a stroller. Both parents are gazing up at something in the sky. The mom and dad are standing outside the door of their home about to take a family outing.
Parents-Pushing-Baby-Daughter-In-Stroller   ID#   2391

Picture of a Mother and her son sitting on beach next to surfboards with their backs to the camera gazing out at the ocean.
Mother-and-son-sitting-on-beach-next-to-surfboard   ID#   2381

Bride and groom statuettes on hood of car near the windshield with a boquet of red flowers further down. The car is white. The bride and groom will use this decorated car to make their getaway.
Bride-and-groom-statuettes-on-hood-of-car   ID#   2203