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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Lifestyle photo of a woman's arm as she flexes her biceps. Picture cropped tight on her arm.  Image on a blue background and demonstrates fitness and good health.
A-strong-woman's-arm-flexing-her-biceps   ID#   1921

Woman's Torso. A strong woman body builder's torso. The woman is wearing a yellow two piece outfit with black trim. The well muscled woman has her hands on her hips and is facing the camera.
Strong-woman's-torso   ID#   1909

Photos of a woman body builder's well-muscled leg photographed against a red wall with a ring flash.
Picture-of-a-strong-woman's-leg   ID#   1852

Photo of a woman body builder's torso and arms as she flexes her arms. This woman has big muscles.
Picture-of-a-woman-body-builder-flexing-her-muscles   ID#   1849

Man holding a volleyball on the beach at sunset. He has the ball under his left arm and is looking over his left shoulder towards the camera.
Portrait-of-a-young-man-holding-a-volleyball-on-the-beach-at-dusk   ID#   1841

Photos of a woman at sunset on a beach holding a volleyball. Behind the woman volleyball player is a beautiful orange and red sunset. The sun is behind the woman and not visible.
Portrait-of-a-woman-holding-a-volleyball-at-sunset-on-the-beach   ID#   1840

A woman posing with a volleyball in front of the court with a green net behind her. She is wearing a dark blue jersey and black shorts with white stripe.
Portrait-of-a-woman-holding-a-volleyball-in-front-of-the-net   ID#   1838

Photo of a man with a volleyball in his two hands. He is holding the ball in front of his stomach area with both hands and is looking down with a serious look on his face.  Wearing a blue jersey.
Man-concentrating-as-he-holds-a-volleyball-in-his-hands   ID#   1837

A man holding a volleyball under his left arm with a serious look of concentration and determination on his face. The volleyball player is wearing a blue jersey an a net is visible behind him.
Pictures-of-a-man-contemplating-while-holding-a-volleyball   ID#   1836

Photos of a woman playing beach volleyball and serving from high in the air. The female player is wearing black shorts with white stripe along the sides and a black tank top. The ball is poised above her head.
Woman-Volleyball-Player-Serving-The-Ball   ID#   1835

Photos of a beach volleyball game; a man is serving the ball. He is high in the air, arm up way over his head, ball above him.
Picture-of-a-man-serving-a-volleyball-in-a-beach-game   ID#   1834

A male volleyball player is leaping high into the air to serve the ball. The man is wearing bright red shorts and a blue top.  A clear blue sky is the backdrop for this sports related image.
Man-jumping-for-volleyball   ID#   1830

Photos of a woman in the act of serving the ball during a beach volleyball game. The volleyball player is leaping high into the air with both bare feet off of the ground.
Woman-leaping-up-to-serve-the-volleyball-   ID#   1829

Photos of a man running on a sandy beach just as the sun sets over the Pacific ocean. Beautiful orange sunset with the sun just about to dip below the horizon.
Picture-of-a-man-sprinting-down-the-beach-at-sunset   ID#   1827

Photos of two volleyball players; one is setting the ball up while the other prepares to spike the ball. Men playing beach volleyball at sunset.
Teamwork-Volleyball-Players-Working-Together-To-Score-A-Point   ID#   1825

Woman spiking the volleyball into a block by opposing players. The woman who spiked the ball still has her hand at the top of the net. The opposing players are all up in the air arms and hands up high.
Picture-of-teammates-blocking-a-shot-during-a-volleyball-game   ID#   1823

Men playing volleyball, three men raise their hands up over the net as they jump to block a shot. Blocking a shot in a beach volleyball game. Teamwork in action.
Photo-of-men-playing-volleyball-and-working-together-to-block-a-shot   ID#   1822

An Asian woman runs on the beach as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful scenic orange sunset with the bright orange globe dropping below the horizon. Fit woman running on the beach at San Francisco, California.
Woman-jogging-barefoot-on-the-beach-at-sunset   ID#   1821

A man has just set the ball for his team mate to make the point. The setting sun is right behind the player. Beautiful orange sunset.
Picture-of-a-man-playing-beach-volley-ball-at-sunset   ID#   1820

Man bowling while wearing a bright red blindfold. White shirt and dark slacks. Holding a bowling ball in his hands, posed for his shot.
Man-bowling-while-wearing-a-blindfold   ID#   1674

Picture of an elephant running upright on a treadmill in a gym. The absurd and bizarre nature of this picture is part of its charm.
Elephant-on-a-Treadmill-Funny-Elephant-Pictures   ID#   1639

Photos of a golf course green in an impossible to reach location high atop a rock formation on the ocean beach.
A-Golf-Course-Green-Perched-High-On-A-Cliff-The-Impossible-Green   ID#   1637

Photo of a boxing glove delivering a knock out punch complete with stars and colors that come with the impact.
Knock-Out-Punch-Seeing-Stars-and-a-Boxing-Glove   ID#   1605

Pictures of horse racing.  Stock photo of  two horses about to cross the finish line in a dead heat. It's going to be a photo finish.  Sports stock photo.
Picture-of-a-Horse-Race-Finish-Winner-by-a-Nose-and-A-Photo-Finish   ID#   1602

Muscular woman, hands on her hips, abdominals showing as she stands in a positon of strength, authority and power. An attractive female bodybuilder.
Powerful-And-Strong-Woman's-Torso   ID#   1581

Strong woman's biceps set against a dark blue background.  The woman is wearing a yellow tank top. Picture cropped to show only arm and shoulder.
Woman's-Strong-Arm   ID#   1580

Picture of a woman gymnast sticking her landing from the uneven parallel bars, and thrusting her arms in the air in triumph and victory.
Gymnast-Finish-A-young-girl-gymnast-sticks-a-landing-and-raises-her-arms-in-triumph   ID#   1576

Man on pommel horse wearing a business suit as he performs his gymnastics routine require skill, focus and dedication.
Business-Man-on-Pommel-Horse-Wearing-A-Suit   ID#   1575

Photo of a business man on the balance beam in a metaphor for the challenges facing small business across the world. The man has his arms stretched out at shoulder level, one foot in front of the other, and balancing carefully.
Businessman-Walks-Carefully-Along-A-Balance-Beam   ID#   1570

A man in a business suit stares up at the rings as he faces a nameless challenge. Will he perform at his best? Will he succeed? Is he Confident? Does he have the skill set he needs for success?
Businessman-Stares-Up-At-A-Pair-of-Gymnastic-Rings   ID#   1569

Picture of a businessman on the rings peforming a gymnastics routine in a business suit. This image is symbolic of the qualities needed to succeed in sport and in business. Athletes and businessmen both need specialized skills.
Business-Man-on-the-Rings-Metaphor-For-Business-Acumen   ID#   1568

Picture of a business man gymnast, arms outstretched to each side and parallel to the ground, holding onto and suspended by a pair of gymnastic rings.
Business-Man-With-Gymnastic-Rings   ID#   1567

Pictures of a gymnast holding his pose on the rings. His legs are stretched out to his left and right, and his arms are straight along his sides and he is holding on to the rings with his hands.
A-Gymnast-Practicing-His-Routine-On-The-Rings   ID#   1566

Pictures of a gymnast chalking her hands in preparation for an athletic event, a metaphor for business competition.
Chalk-Slap-A-Young-Woman-Gymnast-Slaps-the-Excess-Chalk-Off-of-Her-Hands-   ID#   1565

Picture of a young gymnast on the balance beam doing a flip, a metaphor for the skill, daring and flexibility needed to succeed in business and sports. The woman is inverted over the beam, head towards the ground and feet in the air.
Young-Woman-Performs-A-Flip-On-The-Balance-Beam   ID#   1564

Picture of a naked man jumping off of a dock or pier leaving behind his clothes which are strewn across the dock.  The man is going skinny dipping in the lake.
Man-Skinny-Dipping   ID#   1528

A man and a woman cycling in opposite directions on a bicycle built for two. This image is about team work and relationships. The couple is on a long strait road leading off to the horizon. The blue sky is rife with fluffy clouds.
Funny-Couple-on-a-Tandem-Bicycle-Struggling-in-Opposite-Directions   ID#   1525

Funny Picture of cheerleading poodles showing three miniature poodles jumping into the air in cheer leader costumes and waving pom poms.
Cheer-Leading-Poodles-with-Pom-Poms   ID#   1523

Picture of bowling balls, green,pink,orange,and gold. A human hand is picking up the gold colored ball.
Bowling-Balls-in-Many-Colors-in-the-Ball-Return-Rack   ID#   1449

Picture of a pregnant woman holding a bowling ball preparing to roll the ball to a strike.  The woman's blouse does not entirely cover her baby bump, which also resembles the bowling ball.
Pregnant-Woman-Bowling-   ID#   1448