john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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This bungee jumping stock photo is a metaphor for poor planning with disastrous results as it shows a bungee jumping man about to impact the ground.
Bungee-Jumping-Disaster-Metaphor   ID#   9628

Disaster is about to strike in this stock photo featuring a distracted driver of a convertible sports car about to drive off of a cliff as he ogles his woman passenger.
Disaster-Ahead-Stock-Photo   ID#   9150

A house is threatened by flood waters as it sits on a grassy hill just above the level of the surrounding water in a visual metaphor not just for the threat of floods, but also of any natural disaster.
House-Facing-A-Flood   ID#   8229

A house, surrounded by flood waters and with a tornado raging ever closer, has flames shooting out of a window in a visual metaphor for all manner of threats to home owners everywhere!
House-Facing-Flood-Fire-And-Tornado   ID#   8227

A sand castle is about to be destroyed by a huge ocean wave looming overhead in an image about risk, challenge and change.
Sand-Castle-Doomed-By-Huge-Wave   ID#   8034

This monster mountain image literally has a monster's face created from the terrain of the mountain side with a road leading up into its cavernous mouth in a metaphor for evil, fearsome, and scary aspects of the natural world.
Monster-Mountain   ID#   7992

A fireball mushroom cloud rises up behind the silhouette of a city skyline in a concept photo about war, terrorism and nuclear and atomic accidents.
Nuclear-Explosion-Mushroom-Cloud   ID#   7900

A family of three, mother, father and daughter, sit on the roof of their house as it floats in flood waters.
Family-And-Home-Floating-In-Flood-Waters   ID#   7656

A huge hammer slams down onto the roof of a home and shatters into pieces in a image about home protection and security.
Well-Protected-Home   ID#   7655

In this earthquake damage photo an aerial perspective shows deep crevices cutting through the neighborhood in a fictional depiction of an earthquake ravaged city.
Earthquake-Damaged-City   ID#   7423

Photo of an Asian or Chinese American man spilling a cup of coffee right in the middle of his desk ruining the paperwork spread out in front of him. Bad day at the office. Pics of office accidents.
Picture-of-a-man-spilling-coffee-on-his-desk   ID#   6766

Picture of a mushroom shaped fireball exploding in the distance over a deserted road at dusk in a stock photo about nuclear accidents, risk, danger and calamity.
Fireball-Explosion-On-The-Road-Ahead   ID#   6390

Picture of a business man using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in his office cubicle.  Man in a suit putting out fires in the office. Bald black man using a fire extinguisher.
Business-man-using-fire-extinguisher-on-computer-in-cubicle-   ID#   5478

Broken pieces of a dinner plate on the floor at a mans feet. Pair of mens shoes and cuffs with broken china scattered around on the floor  around his shoes. Broken china pic.
Broken-plate-next-to-man's-feet   ID#   5163

Pieces of broken dishes on the floor as mother and son unpack dishes from a box.  A plate accidently broken on the floor.  Broken dishes pic.
Hispanic-mother-and-son-next-to-broken-plate   ID#   5160

A senior couple, man and wife, are stranded on the side of the road. The distinguished looking man has his thumb out for hitch hiking. Small white convertible sports car. Wife on her cell phone in the background.
Senior-couple-broken-down-on-side-of-road   ID#   5152

Picture of unhappy frustrated multi-ethnic business people in despair. These office personnel are holding their heads, and throwing up their hands in exasperation. Unhappy office persons pics.
Group-of-frustrated-multi-ethnic-businesspeople   ID#   4532

Super slow motion video clip of a dart bursting a water filled balloon
Ultra-Slow-Motion-Video-of-a-Dart-Bursting-A-Water-Balloon   ID#   3549

A man loses his grip on the bowling ball during his back-swing in this humorous stock photo about the unexpected and accidents.
Funny-Picture-of-a-Humorous-Bowling-Disaster   ID#   3304

Picture of a senior man petting his dog by the pool. He is bald, is wearing headphones, and has a laptop computer in his lap. The older man is barefoot and sitting in a lounge chair next to the swimming pool.
Man-With-Laptop-Petting-His-Dog-Next-To-Pool   ID#   2849

Picture of a older gentleman accidently dropping his laptop computer into a swimming pool. The mature man is bald with patches of gray hair on the sides and he is wearing glasses.  The senior is dressed in slacks and a white shirt.
Senior-man-dropping-laptop-in-swimming-pool   ID#   2841

Picture of a very messy teenagers bedroom. A young teen girl is sitting on the floor of her unbelievably messy room.   Her drawers are open, clothes all over everywhere and piles of stuff all over the place. Untidy rooms.
Teen-age-girl-sitting-in-messy-bedroom   ID#   2583

Picture of a Latino fireman sitting in office at the fire station.  Hot Latino fireman sitting on a roll around chair looking sexy.  The ruggedly good looking fire fighter is in his fire uniform, a blue shirt and black pants.
Good-Looking-Fireman-Sitting-In-Fire-Station   ID#   2321

Picture of a fireman putting on his protective clothing with a fire engine in the background. His muscular arms are over his shoulders as he adjusts his suspenders. The fireman is ruggedly handsome and wearing a blue shirt with blue and red suspenders.
Fireman-putting-on-his-fire-fighting-gear   ID#   2317

Funny looking people; a man with his head exploding from too much information, and too much everything. The top of his head has disappeared in a ball of orange and yellow fire and flames.
Man's-Head-Exploding-In-Fire-and-Flames   ID#   1529

Picture of a destroyed earth as seen from outer space; a visualization of global warming, pollution and environmental disaster.
Ecological-Disaster-Cracked-Earth-From-Space   ID#   1411

Two speeding jet planes are racing toward each other on a collision course in this scary photo.  Both jets are trailing strong bright white contrails.
Two-Jet-Planes-On-A-Collision-Course   ID#   1400

Picture of a sail boat beached in the desert, stranded in an evironmental disaster, an ecological nightmare and due to global warming. Picture of a sailboat in the desert.
Desert-Yacht-A-yacht-is-stranded-beached-on-the-dry-dessert-sands-an-environmental-casualty   ID#   827

Concept stock photo of the planet earth with a dried and cracked surface demonstrating ecological disaster and global warming. Dry cracked land.
Global-Warming-The-Earth-is-seen-from-outerspace-and-its-surface-is-cracked-and-broken-from-environmental-damage   ID#   676

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