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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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In this picture a lion is on stage playing a grand piano in a regal display of musical talent. With a mane like that he should be the conductor!
Piano-Playing-Lion   ID#   7084

Cute and adorable photo of an Easter bunny breaking out of an Easter Egg that has fallen out of an Easter Basket.
Easter-Basket-Easter-Bunny-Easter-Egg   ID#   6697

Photo of a cute Easter Bunny breaking out of an Easter egg on a patch of lawn covered in daisies in an image created for an Easter greeting card.
Easter-Bunny-Coming-Out-of-His-Shell   ID#   6696

Picture of a circus act featuring flying trapeze dogs, a Whippet and a Mutt, attached bone wrapped with a ribbon they are holding in their teeth.
Funny-Flying-Trapeze-Dogs-For-Greeting-Cards-And-More   ID#   6518

Funny picture of a gray cat cutting out Valentine Doily Hearts while sitting on her bed and looking lonesome.
Funny-Cat-Cutting-Out-Valentine-Doilies   ID#   6388

A cow is jumping over the moon under a star filled sky in this funny animal picture featuring a Holstein Cow doing the impossible!
Cow-Jumping-Over-The-Moon-Captured-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   6150

An English Bulldog cowers in the shadow of a birthday cake in this funny dog photo for a humorous birthday greeting card. The poor dog is in a fetal position on the hardwood floor in front of a wall decorated with wallpaper.
Scaredy-Cat-English-Bulldog-Photographed-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5965

A chicken, wearing a mask, snorkel and swim fins prepares to jump into a pot of Chicken Soup in a funny fowl photo!
A-Funny-Chicken-In-Every-Pot-And-A-Greeting-Card-In-Every-Envelope   ID#   5763

In this funny pet picture an English Bulldog is stuck in a pet door as a smirking cat looks on. Cats are so arrogant!
Funny-English-Bulldog-Stuck-In-A-Pet-Door-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5614

A crazy mix of cats and dogs at a party on New Year's eve in a nightclub in this funny animal picture.
Party-Animals-In-A-Nightclub-Shot-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5597

Chihuahua balances a cupcake on his nose in this funny animal picture.
Funny-Chihuahua-Balancing-A-Cupcake-In-A-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5596

A funny picture of a cat wearing a haughty expression, a red leash, a jeweled collar, and a Poodle Cut!
Funny-Cat-With-A-Poodle-Cut-Funny-Pet-Greeting-Card   ID#   5593

A Greyhound and a mutt perform on the flying trapeze in this funny pet picture created for a humorous greeting card.
Funny-Flying-Trapeze-Dogs-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5579

Two cats sit in a hair salon or beauty parlor and gossip in this funny cat picture.
Funny-Cats-In-A-Beauty-Salon-For-A-Funny-Feline-Greeting-Card   ID#   5571

Picture of a German Shepherd riding a motorcycle down a winding road with his leash flying out behind him.
A-Dog-Rides-A-Motorcycle-Down-A-Winding-Road-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   5567

A Chihuahua hangs a Christmas Wreath on his front door showing his holiday spirit in this funny dog picture.
Christmas-Wreath-Hanging-Chihuahua-In-A-Funny-Christmas-Card   ID#   5555

A bunny, a dog (Whippet) and a cat (Orange Tabby) all stare together at the camera with funny, happy expressions.
Dog-Cat-and-Bunny-With-Happy-Expressions   ID#   5538

A funny elephant, seen from behind, meditates in the lotus position at sunset in a funny and cute elephant photo.
Elephant-Meditating-At-Sunset-In-A-Funny-Elephant-Picture   ID#   5532

An elephant gets air as he arcs through the sky over a railing on his skateboard in a display of nimble athletic skills.  Funny elephant picture.
Funny-Skateboarding-Elephant-Displaying-Agile-Athletic-Skills   ID#   5525

A cat and two dogs work together to build a snowman in this funny animal photo from John Lund's Animal Antics collection.
Funny-Dogs-and-Cats-Building-a-Snowman-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5516

A German Shepard Dog stands by a pile of snowballs wearing a red scarf and ear muffs and preparing to throw one of the icy missles.
German-Shepard-Throwing-Snowballs-As-A-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5509

Cats and dogs are having a birthday party in a business environment of cubicles.
Funny-Cat-and-Dog-Office-Party-For-A-Group-Birthday-Greeting-Card   ID#   5494

A Whippet, a Chihuahua and a Bloodhound stare in awe at a birthday cake ablaze with candles. How old are you?!!!!
Dog-Birthday-Cake-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5472

A funny Chihuahua DJing at a disco night club while people dance under the strobe lights and disco ball in the background.
Funny-Chihuahua-Disco-D-J-Dog-Funny-Birthday-Greeting-Card   ID#   5458

An elephant flies overhead piloting a hang glider in this funny elephant picture.
Hang-Gliding-Elephant   ID#   5437

Picture of a pig flying a hang glider illustrating the idiom when pigs fly.
When-Pigs-Fly-Funny-Bovine-Image   ID#   5420

Dog (bloodhound) water skiing using a slalom ski and throwing up a sizable wake.
Hang-In-There-Waterskiing-Dog-For-A-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5406

Funny dog picture of a talented Chihuahua balancing a cupcake, complete with birthday candle, on his nose.
Funny-Chihuahua-Balancing-A-Birthday-Cupcake-Candle-and-All-On-His-Nose-As-A-Humorous-Greeting-Card   ID#   5395

Funny picture of a bloodhound with an icepack on his head and coffee in his paw and a hangover...he just needs some hair of the dog!
Bloodhound-with-a-Hangover-For-a-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5393

A Holstein cow hang glides at a very high altitude in this funny, lol cattle picture.
Cow-Hang-Gliding-In-A-Funny-Cow-Picture   ID#   5387

Funny lol picture of a Whippet Hound Dog surrounded by birthday gifts and holding a cake with candles in a birthday celebration.
Funny-Whippet-Birthday!-A-Funny-Birthday-Card   ID#   5330

A Bloodhound swings upside down from a chandelier amid confetti and balloons as this party dog celebrates the New Year!
New-Year's-Celebration-Bloodhound-Swinging-From-A-Chandelier-in-a-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5324

A yellow lab sits in an easy chair reading PetHouse magazine in a parody of men's magazines.
Dog-Reading-PetHouse-Magazine-for-A-funny-Birthday-card   ID#   5322

A funny and happy tabby bathes in a kitchen sink using a long-handled brush and sharing the water with a rubber ducky in a humorous cat photo.
Cat-having-a-bath-in-a-sink-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   5313

A Boxer (dog) embraces an orange tabby cat and kisses her under the mistletoe in this funny, lol dog and cat xmas photo.
Pets-Kissing-Under-the-Mistletoe-A-Humorous-Christmas-Greeting-Card   ID#   5266

A boxer is seen embracing and kissing an orange tabby cat with a heart shaped box of chocolates on the floor.
Boxer-Love-A-Boxer-Kisses-A-Cat-On-Valentine's-Day-Funny-Valentine's-Day-Greeting-Card   ID#   5265

A funny image of a Basset Hound sitting in a chair with a head wrap and painted nails in a beauty parlor, salon, or spa.
Funny-Basset-Hound-at-the-Beauty-Parlor   ID#   5199

Funny cats stand on top of a fence, arms around each other, and sing together in a humorous pet picture.
Singing-Cats-standing-on-a-fence   ID#   5173

A cat, A chicken, and a Beagle dog all are in bed together and looking sad and ill in a funny picture for get well sentiments.
Funny-Sick-Pets-Get-Well-Picture-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5137

Funny picture of a Bloodhound wearing a birthday hat, holding a birthday cake with candles and standing in a pile of gifts.
Funny-Bloodhound-Birthday-Picture   ID#   5124